calling all philosophy fans: BIG NEWS!

cristina carlinodearest philosophy friends and family,
it is with the greatest of joy and gratitude that i write this letter to you. as you know, one year ago coty purchased philosophy. coty’s embrace of philosophy is the single greatest thing that has ever happened to philosophy since her birth. this year philosophy turns sweet sixteen and in celebration of that event coty is taking her out onto the big global stage under the direction of liz garrett and her dream team at philosophy headquarters.
over the past year liz has become a true friend…(true friends are really measured by how much you giggle with someone) and i can say we laugh a lot. she is both genius and hilarious. she was the leader philosophy has needed and deserved. liz also has the best looking shoes of any woman i know. liz’s vision for philosophy is to bring it back to the emotional roots that made the brand so very special to so many. she will further push the vision to bring to market some of the very best topical products that will have medical markets buzzing. but what has been most touching is that liz has graciously invited me to share my many stories with you about what really matters to me and hopefully to you as well. every monday philosophy will share my blog and you are invited to expand on those ideas presented. hearing your voice would mean so much to us and our philosophy community. each friday i will also post about my absolute favorite philosophy products and the unique ways in which i use them. i think the answers might surprise you.
in closing i am filled with grace when i think of my philosophy family. i feel as if i have known these beautiful souls for a lifetime and then some. and i am quite humbled and yet deeply inspired to be connected to the best girls i know……..the philosophy girls. so take my hand and together lets walk through the light and shadows that frame our days.

with grace and gratitude,
cristina carlino

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  1. Rebecca says:

    as long as nothing changes with the amazing products don’t change, I’m happy for you!!!

    • Kelly says:

      I am SO dismayed by this news! I have been using these products for many years and have always received compliments on my Amazing Grace and Falling in Love fragrances, and on my skin. After spending some time today reading product reviews on the Q, it seems that my favorite products are indeed going through changes. SO sad. It is just too bad that the company that has purchased the Philosophy brand is not interested in or committed to retaining the quality and integrity of the actual products that have made this line the much revered and respected one that it was.

    • Mary Ann says:

      I have been a Philosophy girl for ten years but for the last couple I am beginning to wonder why? Today, I had to investigate why my favorite perfume has not been retaining its fragrance for more than ten minutes. Now I know why Coty has bought them out. I thought it was body rejecting the fragrance fro some reason ony to learn it is an inferior product fro years ago. Why would they sell their company knowing it was not going to maintain the strcik standards they introduced years ago. Oh yes, the almighty dollar why else. I am so disappointed to ee a company sell itself so short. This was a company I once had faith in only to find out they are now selling me expensive lies. I have been using many, many items from this company, but I will now think carefully before purchsing anymore.

      • Debbie says:

        Pure Grace has changed and it is not the wonderful scent it used to be! Cristina please voice a concern on behalf of your previous devoted Philosophy Girls!!!!!

        • Patti says:

          I’ve been a philosophy girl for about 15 years and Pure Grace and Amazing Grace were my signature fragrances. I’ve noticed the change too and thought it was just me. I even stopped wearing them for a while but missed the fragrances and decided to come back. I purchased 2 gift sets (Pure Grace and Amazing Grace) thinking layering the products may actually help. This morning, I used the Pure Grace starting with the body butter. Had “Pure Grace” not been on the jar, I would have never guessed it was Philosophy’s Pure Grace… it actually stinks! I spritzed on the cologne to cover up the stinky body butter and am equally disappointed in the fragrance. It no longer smells like the pure clean soap and water any more. I just got the TSV from QVC (Amazing Grace) and will try it but if that smells like Pure Grace it’s going back. I’m very disappointed in these products… it’s not the same high quality product I used to get!

        • Whit says:

          I totally agree! Amazing Grace is no longer “amazing” as well. Such a disappointment.

          • Cindy says:

            I have used Philosophy Amazing Grace since it came out. I loved it and so did everybody else.
            Now, you can’t hardly even smell it. I will not be purchasing it anymore. What a shame to have
            a great product and Coty destroys it.

      • Ally says:

        LoveD and wore Philosophy Amazing Grace for years. No more. Recently purchased firming body emulsion and body gel after running out at Sephora and there is no scent whatsoever. How can they even call it “scented”. What a terrible disappointment. Why do they always think bigger is better–in this case–definitely not true. Will no longer purchase. Next. . .

      • Janis says:

        Same exact thing happened to me. I thought I was losing my mind, three bottles later and I finally figured it out. I will never buy anything else from Philosophy because of this betrayal. A woman’s scent is her signature–Coty should know this by now. You can’t change something and think no one will notice. Read these reviews. We noticed.

    • Julie says:

      I have been an Unconditional Love wearer for the past several years. I purchased fragrance, lotion, body butter and shower gel in November. The scent has definately changed! The cologne does not last more than 30 minutes and the smell is off..has a very “rubbing alocohol” smell to it. PLEASE bring back the old Philosophy!!!!!

  2. michele says:

    YAY!!!!! your philosophy family misses you!!!! and agreed on Coty! xoxo

  3. Valerie C. says:

    Exciting news! I’ll be reading and participating.

  4. Carolyn Hulten says:

    You are missed Cristina! I’m so happy I will be hearing more from you and discussing my favorite skincare line…Philosophy.

  5. Vicki S. says:

    I look forward to the good things that are ahead. Just don’t change what’s working right now.

  6. Barb says:

    I am so pleased with your fabulous news!!! As a Philosophy girl for many years, I miss your valuable tips and suggestions for the products. Your stories and your vast experience is like GOLD !!!!

  7. This is exciting news…I hear it in your writing! Will be there because I (heart) Philosophy

  8. carla clinger says:

    Wherever Christina goes, I follow. Peace!

  9. Kathy O. says:

    Cristina. This absolutely positive news for Philosophy and your philosophy girls! Even though you have new personal ambitions for your life, it is still important to realize you are still a leader for your baby! I

  10. Katie says:

    I use philosophy every day (esp Amazing Grace!!) and I think of you personally every single time I reach for a philosophy product. You have made yourself so available to your philosophy girls, and I want to give you my most sincere thanks. It is a joy to be on this journey with you!

  11. Nancy says:

    I didn’t know Coty bought philosophy. Is this why my Falling in Love oil is gone? Dear Coty, PLEASE bring back my oil. I miss it terribly and am so disappointed because Falling in Love was going to be my forever fragrance. I’ve never had more compliments on any fragrance I’ve worn BUT the oil is what brings it all together. Without the oil I will move along and find another. So tired of all the changes in this world. I can’t even depend on philosophy staying the same. Very extremely deflated.

  12. joni says:

    does this mean amazing grace will go back to the original formula, not the watered down version it is now?

    • Lisa says:

      I agree. Please bring back the original Amazing Grace Body Wash formula!

    • I wore Amazing Grace from the very beginning. Also, bought it for family and friends, my all time favorite fragrance, it was my signature fragrance. My home, car, body all smelled like Amazing Grace.
      Then the formula changed and I could have cried. I want the old formula back so badly. Please bring it back, I haven’t found a fragrance I like as much as AG.

      • Lizzy says:

        I agree a million percent! when I found Amazing Grace 5-6 years ago, I was in heaven. I stopped wearing anything else – didn’t Need anything else. I loved the way I smelled – loved the way I felt when wearing it – loved the compliments I always received. That’s all gone now. So sad.

  13. Cheryl Fontanella says:

    Philosophy is so much more than a product to me. It is a way of life I live. If I am feeling down, Philosophy cheers me up. If I am ill, Philosophy makes me feel better. If I am excited, Philosophy celebrates with me. Philosophy helps me stay closer to my higher power. I love the scents, the products and the poetry on each item. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to joining your journey on here with you!

    • Rosie Aurora says:

      Wow….that’s so beautiful!….the way you like Philosophy, I wish you live in San Antonio, so I can always pamper you whenever you get your favorite products!

    • Dee Deardon says:

      Bath gel helps you to stay closer to God?…You have a REAL problem my dear….don’t know why all you people are so surprised about Philosophy procucts…all that Carlino woman gives a crap about is the money…pure and simple….all her stupid sayings mean nothing….Money is what her motivation is…….could never stand her on QVC…a humorless, uptight bitch!

      • RockRgrrl says:

        Ms. “Dear”don”:

        Pot calling the kettle black, are we??? hmmm. I’s obvious who has the “REAL problem” here. There is much to be said with respect to saying: “It take one to know one”.

  14. Lyndee says:

    Philosophy used to be my favorite skin care product(s), until I discovered they contain PARABENS! With skin cancer in my family I feel I must avoid parabens. Is there any chance Coty can start making the products without the parabens??? I sure hope so! I miss being a Philosophy Girl! 🙁

  15. Paula D. says:

    Please keep the formulations exactly the same! I have multiple allergies and Hope in a Jar has been the only face cream I have been able to use for years. Please don’t allow Coty to add or take anything away!

  16. Kathy says:

    Agreed!!! Amazing Grace and Pure Grace used to be my all-time favorites but the formulas changed. How sad. I certainly hope you can go back to the way they were. Please!

    • Wendy says:

      I have been an AG fan for years. As recent as a year ago, people (strangers and friends) used to follow me around and tell me who nice I smelled. I haven’t had a single compliment in months. I find myself using more and more trying to maintain the scent, but it just fades within an hour. I even have the new “fine perfume”…no luck. I don’t know what has changed, but it isn’t positive. I really don’t want to go on the search for a new fragrance.

  17. Brenda says:

    Great!! And the first thing you need to fix is the fragrances, they simply do not smell or last as long as they used to. When you can sniff the sprayer and not smell anything then something is wrong. I do love philosophy products but have become extremely disenchanted with the fragrances-baby and pure grace, both of the love’s-they just don’t smell like they used to.

  18. Eileen says:

    I agree with all the others about the scents – bring back Amazing Grace the way it USED to be!

  19. Lori says:

    Cristina, philoosophy girl of around nine years here (I still remember my first purchase). I heart and respect you but I am very sorry to see that Coty has hired a CEO who comes from L’Oreal, a company that tests on animals. I don’t know every brand she worked on, but even if the brands she worked on don’t test on animals, the parent company does. It is very disheartening.

    Coty has made a number of changes to take the awesome brand you created in the wrong direction, and I would like to think by working with you they are trying to course correct, but every time I hear L’Oreal I think of animal testing.

    Hope you don’t mind my honesty, you are truly one of my heroes, Lori

  20. Ruth S says:

    I agree, bring back the original fragrances of the Amazing Grace, Pure Grace and Baby Grace . I wore Amazing Grace the last couple days and the scent was completely off.

  21. JoyceT says:

    You have been soooo missed. Please bring back the Grace’s to their original formulas, that’s what made them so wonderful. I hope that Coty will listen to their customers! We want to go back to loving our Amazing Grace and the other Grace’s.

  22. Jane says:

    I really miss your calm demeanor and classy style on The Philosophy presentations on The Q, Cristina.

  23. Michele says:

    I knew something had changed at Philosophy, couldn’t put my finger on it, now it all makes since. When I think of Coty, I think of “Emeraude” the green fragrance my grandmother wore. Oh Christina, this is unfortunate news.

    • Michelle says:

      When I think of Coty, I envision all the drugstore crap….the perfumes you buy teenage girls as their first fragrance, the “last minute Christmas gift.”

  24. Sarah says:

    I love Philosophy, but since Coty purchased the company some of the products have definitely changed. They can deny it all they want but people that having been using them for years aren’t going to believe them. It’s all mad me very sad but has also saved me a lot of money.

    • I have been a loyal loyal customer for many many years, and know with certainty that the Amazing Grace fragrance changed.

      • Karen says:

        I have on auto delivery the amazing grace fragrance, shower gel and lotion and it is not the same and now I know why. This also was my signature fragrance and if it doesn’t change I will be cancelling my order.

  25. Lauren M says:

    We miss you so much, Cristina! Philosophy girl for 6 years now, I am still very loyal to my favorite brand. Philosophy is more than shower gel and eye cream to me, it is a way of life. I can’t wait to hear more from you regarding product development, but I hope it is true that Coty will return to Philosophy’s “emotional roots” because that has not been my experience so far. I would like to see the “good old” days of philosophy return. Thanks for listening. You are a great inspiration to me.
    Xx Lauren
    PS- Come back to present on QVC!! I miss you dearly!!

  26. darlene says:

    I find it very disappointing that Philosophy had to sell out to Coty and LET this company cheapen the product to which all of Philosophy’s followers are accustomed to. Christina sure did make a lot of money selling her company and now, we the consumer must pay the price of the cheap watered down version of our beloved fragrances. But rest assured, we Philosophy Girls will not put up with it and sales WILL decline. So, Coty and all higher up’s, listen to your consumers and go back to the original formulas.

  27. Karen G says:

    I have been using Philosophy products since 1999 when I found them at a counter at Saks in San Francisco. I have always thought of Coty as a massive corporation far more concerned with profits than quality and as a company that delivers drug store quality (some good, but not at the price Philosophy products go for) products. There is really no cohesive bond between Coty and Philosophy. I noticed a change at Christmas this year – the gift sets were lackluster (except for the one QVC did and I waited for that because I knew it was coming). We were offered Toasted Marshmallow which smelled like burnt hair instead of the amazing Melting Marshmallow which was practically edible. And all those berry fragrances at the holidays? I don’t necessarily associate berries (except holly and they are POISONOUS) with Christmas. That said, when L’Oreal bought Keihls, Kiehls did not suffer in quality, but L’Oreal is also parent to Lancome and Biotherm so they knew how to handle a prestige line. Philosophy was previously owned by the Carlyle group who sold it to Coty for a reported 1 BILLION dollars. Her vast wealth allows her to pursue philanthropic interests which I admire. I will continue to use products that I like, but I don’t feel the same loyalty I once did.

  28. Tam says:

    I have been a Philosophy girl for seven years. As much as I love Philosophy I did notice last year that the Pure Grace had changed & it wasn’t for the better. I really miss the how it use to smell & I enjoyed using it so very much!. I have not purchased it since then, in fact I sent it back. I hope you & Coty are reading these responses & changes will take place.

  29. MaryJane says:

    I am still a philosophy “girl” (age 73) but do notice the change of Amazing Grace scent. Please bring back the old formula so I can get those “Gee you smell good” compliments again.

  30. Amy Bray says:

    Please, please bring back the old amazing grace smell. It has definetly changed and Im having to look for new scents. 🙁

  31. Brenda says:

    I’m glad to see by these other posts that it was not me “getting used to the scent” (I was told that the first time I called to ask why it smelled like “pure nothing”). Bring back our graces to what they used to be!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!

  32. Mary Ann Walter says:

    I love Philosophy and have been using for years. It always give me a thrill when someone asks what I use onmy face to keep the skin looking so nice or when a stranger asks me what scent I am wearing!

  33. Lynda Branch says:

    I though I was the only one who noticed the change in the Amazing Grace fragrances. I rarely get a “you smell good” comment anymore. Very disappointing. I agree with the other posts: Coty are you listening??????

    • Bethany says:

      I have been using Philosophy products for many years. Amazing Grace was my favorite but it has definitely changed. I never get compliments about smelling good anymore. It is very disappointing. I am no longer a Philosophy girl. Please bring back the original formula!

  34. melissa says:

    I was so dissapointed with the Christmas items this year. Then Coty changed my beloved Grace fragrances and that was the last straw. I haven’t bought any Philosophy since, and don’t plan on it unless some changes are made. I would enjoy reading anything you write, but Coty needs to step up to the plate and stop watering down their products.Thanks for listening.

  35. cathi hughes says:

    Sooo, now it all makes sense, it wasn’t me it was the inferior product that was wrapped in a Philosophy package labeled Amazing Grace!!! I switched scents {after 9yrs} to Unconditional Love because the Amazing Grace scent had a washed out/watered down smell to it. No longer did I receive compliments on my scent & my laundry hamper and bathrobe no longer smelled of the scent. I agree with the vast majority of “Philosophy Girls” Coty needs to take a page from your playbook Cristina, put the “integrity back into the product that made Philosophy a company that consumers could trust to purchase from. After all the company name is “Philosophy” when I started purchasing products from it the product spoke to the “Philosophy” of its founder, now it tells a whole new story. Good ole “Corporate Greed” will “We” ever learn??? Really need to rethink my four {4} A-D shipments, my core products from purity to Hope in a Jar down to the scent that I wear. All four in multi product sets. I truely hope you did’nt “bite your nose to despite your face” Cristina, and truely wish you continued success in your upcoming endeavors.

  36. Deb says:

    I agree Bring back the old Amazing Grace scent….I don’t enjoy using it like I used too. If I wanted to buy a Coty product I could go to Wal-Mart, and get it…I want the old Philosphy back…Please!!!!!

  37. Leigh Ann Christian says:

    I am all out of Amazing Grace and was getting ready to order it….BOY am I glad I read these comments. I will hold out until I know if this has been corrected….I want the real deal, not a ‘new and *imporved* version!!!

    Love it, but can live without it if I have to…bring back the original, and I will order it!

  38. Laurin Gibson says:

    I am very happy to hear about your new blog position at Coty. Hopefully it will keep you and the Coty in contact with your customers and how they feel about your products. I like many of the other people here have seen a change in the Pure Grace and Amazing Grace scents. They are not as lasting as they were and are slightly off in smell. I continue to use the bath and body products, as well as skin care products. You are the one that was the soul of this company and I hope you can continue to create new products with your emotional boost included on each. The new packaging looks like any drug store brand…. bring back the poetry and old fashioned photographs. I hope Coty listens to the customers and takes steps to please them. The best to you, Christinia. Be happy.

  39. CBeach says:

    Try punctuating. You’ll like it.

  40. Kathy says:

    Momma is comming home!!! Her girls have missed her. Looking forward to your wise and loving words and ways Cristina. You have truly been missed more then you will ever know. Only you can truly ever lead the “philosohy girls”.

  41. Melly says:

    Cristina – welcome back!!! This is such great news – you have been missed so much. I have always learned so much from you , not only about the Philosophy products, but living life with grace, as well. Blessings to you!!

  42. Pat Farmer says:

    I thought it was me, regarding the scent of A G. I love it, people have stopped me on the street, people in my office and comment on the way I smell, it has not happened in a long time, please bring back my baby……………

  43. Jessica Woodruff says:

    Dear Cristina,
    I am so happy to read *something* from you about your involvement with the “new” direction Coty has taken your creations… it has been a disappointing and revealing enterprise, from this consumer’s stand point, to see a once great lifestyle brand change as drastically and as detrimentally as philosophy has in the recent years.

    To me, the buyer and loyal customer, it seems “new and improved” is some sort of corporate code for “new [formula] and improved [corporate bottom line].” I have been always blessed with the resources to enjoy philosophy’s products. My skin (head to toe) has been greatly maintained with use of *your* original products; my spirit has always been buoyed by *your* fragrances and shower products. I understand that in Corporate America (as opposed to “real world” America) there is a desire to increase sales and sometimes that means stretching out into new markets.

    To me, this is a disappointing and yet somehow predictable outcome for this once great line. There are fewer and fewer things in life that are able to maintain *the* most under-rated commodity: integrity. When I made my first philosophy purchase over a decade ago, I felt I was supporting and receiving integrity from this brand. Now, I see this as an economic relationship only and one in which I won’t participate. Sad. Just very, very sad.

    I really do wish you all of the light and peace you have worked so hard to achieve… you are an inspiration to women everywhere. Just know that this former philosophy girl is now an open-eyed woman who lost just a bit of her belief in miracles, hope, and yes, love, when Coty purchased philosophy– Coty who is quickly on the road to turning that name into just another brand on Wal-Mart, CVS, and Walgreen’s shelves. The saddest thing of all is seeing something extraordinary turned into something plain, unremarkable, and un-inspirational. Life is full of that and now seems even more so with the current iterations of these once great products…

    • Brenda says:

      Amen,sister,amen. You’ve said it all.

    • skyangl55 says:

      Christina,I know everything depends on the almighty dollar these day and through our struggles in life we believed in love,grace,and all things Philosophy and I thought you felt the same,at least that’s what’s written and quoted all over the products you were once so proud of to represent.I feel so exposed and am angry about the change.If you can honestly look in the mirror each day and think that Coty is doing your name any justice you are sadly mistaken.Philosophy is just simply a shell of it’s former glory days.I wish you nothing but the best in your life and hope you find the love,joy and peace that you so proudly wrote of and asked for us to be committed to those gorgeous fragrances that you once called yours.God Bless.

      • RockRgrrl says:

        To Jessica Woodruff and skyang/55:

        I can’t thank you enough for speaking the truth and doing so in such a reverant fashion. Your points are honest and on topic Being ill, I could not handle any frangrances until Philosophy came along. The products smoothed my skin and the frangrance soothed my mind. I introduced them to my family and friends. The products made gift giving easy. Recipients were ALWAYS thrilled to receive them and I enjoyed their smiles so very much. I’m not sure what I’ll do now. Gift certicates are fine for many but I always preferred giving something thoughtful. Philosphy always fit the bill. Unfortunately, we live in differant times now. Greed replaces integrity. So very sad for us all.

  44. Robin Moylan says:

    Dear Cristina,
    please bring back the original formula of Amazing Grace. It has changed for the worse.
    My once wonderful scent smells like alcohal. The gel isn’t as bubbley. The spray is not the same high quality it once was, yet the price is the same. There is no more oil roll on. I have resorted to buying older products from Ebay, just so I can smell the fantastic way I’ve grown to love. Please help us Philosophy girls. I am begging you!!
    AG girl,

  45. Lynn says:

    Fantastic News Christina!

    Please bring back the original Purity Cleanser formula. This current version is thinner in texture and very drying to the face.

    • Pat says:

      I agree …..not only has purity changed but the shower gels did too. Either have the luxurious feeling that I loved about philosophy. The products don’t make me feel special anymore 🙁

  46. Maureen Law says:

    Hi Christina,Well now I know why we haven’t seen you on the Q anymore w/ Philosophy.
    You sound very pleased about all of this so I will be pleased also. I do have to say that w/ Coty owning Philosophy now that may be the reason I have not been thrilled with the new scents of Divine & Summer Grace. Too perfumie and not to the standards of Philosophy especially with the clean notes. I did send them back. Still an Amazing & Pure Grace Girl & Love Unconditional Love & Field of Flowers
    Love to you Christina.. I miss you on Q.

  47. Peggy Stevens says:

    My pure grace has definitely been watered down. I’m so disapointed. Will it ever be returned to its original state?

  48. MARIE says:

    So good to hear from you, I as a Philosophy girl miss you!

    I would like to see the products go back to their emotional roots as you stated, especially the fragrances. I think most of us who use the fragrances connect with them according to our mood, that is why they are so unique. The lotions and the spray fragrances have not been the same.
    That being said, I do love the new skincare products, they are at the cutting edge, the peel pads are the bomb… so excited to see what else is being introduced!!
    I hope to hear more from you and maybe see you on the Q in the future…all my best wishes for happinness and peace to you and your daughter Grace!!!
    Just got done reading the Rainbow Connection…thank you, it was beautiful!!!!!

  49. Lesa says:

    I don’t mind paying a premium for a top shelf product but I have to agree with the others that Philosophy ‘s philosophy has changed. Now it’s an inferior product with a premium price. I for one am not going to continue paying. The fragrance in the body emulsions does not last. Too bad, Philosophy is losing yet another loyal customer.

  50. Tammie says:

    I hope this is a positive change, I liked Philosophy before, but am finding the quality isn;t the same in products I’ve ordered recently. Hipefully this will be remedied soon.

  51. Cindy says:

    The best thing that can be done for Philosophy is to go back to the original formulas on all the products. Philosophy will lose many customers if you do not go back to the original formulations. We that purchase and have purchased Philosophy for many years know that there have been changes. It is insulting that Philosophy or Coty would change the formulas and tell us they have not. We love you, Cristina, please make sure that Philosophy goes back to the original formulas and always gives us top notch topical products. If not, it will be just another Walmart brand as someone before me mentioned. We want to remain Philosophy girls. Coty has been running the brand into the ground. You are the best. I wish you were in complete control of the Philosophy brand.

  52. Bengalfelines says:

    It’s ashame Coty has reformulated and destroyed the Amazing Grace Scent. I cancelled all my future auto-delivery shipments because the fragrance no longer resembles the ethereal scent. I can buy a bottle of alchohol for a lot less money. I hope Coty reformulates the products to the original formula. I have read so many negative reviews of a one time iconic product. With so many faithful users I am sure they wouldn’t of cared paying a few dollars more for a scent that is unique and has proved to be in a class of its own. This was a fragrance that should never have been tampered with. Please bring back the Original Amazing Grace.

  53. Kristen says:

    I remember walking through Nordstroms this past December, there was a sample of amazing grace hand lotion I believe, sitting out. I stopped put some on my hands. oh did I regret that, It smelled absolutely terrible! I couldnt believe it. It did not even smell anything as expected. now I am reading that Coty has purchased Philosophy. it makes you wonder what happened. I gave my cousin some AG, now I need to ask her how it smells. I just bought the TSV on QVC and will be checking it’s quality even though I haven’t finished my older bottles yet. you may or may not still have a stake in the company but you wouldn’t want to see your brand degrade. hmmm. customer will not pay big dollars if anything changes. I sure wont. Time will tell!

    • Kelly says:

      Sadly, Cristina does not seem to care about the brand or the products any longer. I hope she is enjoying the millions of dollars she has made. Apparently her whole “Philosophy” was just a bunch of bunk that she had no problem selling out and then just carrying on with her flighty attitude. Has no one noticed that she has not one thing to say in response to all of the negative and disappointed comments?

      • skyangl55 says:

        I’ve noticed that no one has heard a peep out of Christina,if things were that bad I would have gladly paid the additional amount for the same AG and BG that I loved.She just doesn’t care anymore and it seems that Dare Lynn and all the other reps on QVC have also been replaced.It’s amazing what a million dollar buy out will do to people.She clearly was just feeding us all a crock just to get us to love her product them just like magic,it’s gone in a heartless sale that made her even more wealthy off of lies.

  54. Bobbie says:

    I have been such a HUGE grace lady , in many of the different scents. BUT, I too, like so many others have been greatly disappointed in my most recent purchases of my all time favorite, Amazing Grace. I feel that my decade of loyalty, making Philosophy my signature scent of choice, has been “rewarded” by a cheapening of the product line and a disregard of the “Amazing” loyal customers that really helped put Philosophy on the map. WHY would you change what “ain’t broke”? Like many others, I would have rather seen an increase in the price of a product I love and trusted, than a decrease in the quality and a loss of trust in the company. I too, like so many others called Philosophy and was told “nothing changec” in the fragrances. So, either I, and so very many others who have used this line for years, are just imagining the differences, or the company honestly believes that we will continue to “believe in Philosophy” regardless of the changes they make which ineveitably change our beloved products. WAKE UP!!!!! Please go back to the old formulas…re-introduce the line up like COKE did when they thought “New Coke” was such a terriric idea…NOT. I truly want to remain a Grace Girl…..please allow us to do so. Bring back the Amazing in AG!

  55. Sharon Blaszczak says:

    Sorry to hear this news. Is that why there are parabens in the products now?? I just ordered the tsv from QVC today and they had to cancel, because my daughter told me that there were parabens in the purity. The parabens are suppose to be linked big time to breast cancer. Why do good things have to change. Again sorry to hear this news

  56. I, too, have heard that Philosophy products have changed. Am currently waiting for my recent order of Amazing Grace products and should the quality be inferior to what I have experienced over the past several years, I will return them and no longer use Philosophy products. Will report my findings on this website once products are received. I hope I am not disappointed.

  57. Rochelle says:

    Both Pure Grace and Amazing Grace have an unpleasant smell of alcohol when you spray them. Alcohol isn’t supposed to be a top note. I’ve never encountered that in any other fine fragrance. Philosophy uses stock bottles, one color labels and printing on the bottles and boxes and hardly does any advertising. All the costs are in the juice and the juice has been watered down. Philosophy can’t coast on their name forever and pretend that nothing has changed as it’s loyal customers know better. The customers new to the brand will wonder what all the fuss is about when they do try the products and not be back.

    Recently when a customer wrote to Liz Garrett that she felt the fragrances have changed she got a letter back that they haven’t, and that her nose must have gotten used to it and that’s why it smelled weaker. Your previous post saying you were going to try and remedy the situation, and admitting all wasn’t right, brings into question the honesty of the reply Liz gave. Being the CEO she KNOWS they aren’t the same!

    You can’t be a fragrance company where there’s hardly any scent to the scents. You can’t be a fragranced bath product company where there’s no scent in the bath products. You can’t sell uber sizes when the products lose their scents and turn before they can be used up. You can’t sell sell these super sizes and tell everyone what a deal they are getting when they are watered down even more than the regular sizes and the ingredients are changed for QVC. WE KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! All you have to do is compare ingredients and they are different.

    We want to be able to smell our fragrance and have them last more than a nano second. We want the fragrances we fell in love with that was designed by a perfumer, not marketing, or cost analyzers where every penny is squeezed out of the scents, and they are made as cheaply as possible and watered down to save costs, or more cost effective ingredients used.

    WE KNOW THE DIFFERENCE and being lied to that nothing has changed doesn’t work any more. Philosophy is a cerebral brand. You customers are smart and saavy. Please start treating us with the dignity we deserve and give us the products that we deserve!

  58. cristinacarlino says:

    on coty: dear philosophy girls and boys,
    i have been on a journey through the beauty industry for over 30 years. i know all the players. most are wonderful. coty is exceptional. please stay positive with me. i have been quietly addressing all of your concerns and will continue to do so with coty. most important if the product is one of my favorites it will be yours too. i will not ever ever post about anything i dont personally use. this is my promise to you.

    i also want you all to know i am listening to each and every one of you and will do my best to address as many concerns as i can on my facebook page ( thank you all for being a part of my journey! xoxo

  59. Joyce T. says:

    Re:changes with Philosophy Graces, I may be wrong, but I think that Philosophy was sold to someone else before Coty bought the company. The changes started happening well before a year ago, so maybe everyone is blaming Coty for changes that happened before they became the owners.
    We all miss you Christina, and glad that you are back, to whatever extent.

  60. Linda Ricketts says:

    How come it seems as if the Philosophy brand has been watered down since selling to Coty?

  61. Michele French says:

    I cannot believe not one word has been said b the founder & creator of Philosophy in regards to the changes (for the worse I may add) to the quality & scent change of this beloved product.

    Its all fine and dandy you open this discussion Christina,about your love & continued support..blah,,blah.. But the quality of this product is terrible. I ordered thru QVC a combined set of 5 products. I searched and searched,even asking people what they were wearing,when they walked by me. And they said “Grace”…
    I knoew then I had finally found that beautiful scent. To my dismay, I get this set,and the scent & staying power is horrible.
    One needs to really take note,and read the HUNDREDS of complaints on QVC.Many of these women are long time Grace users,and have said they will not re-order becuase of the formulation change.

    I am donr with Philosophy,until changes are made. To expensive to be dissapointed.

  62. cristinacarlino says:

    hi michele and all, i am listening to you all and what you think does matter! please join me on facebook as i try and address as many of your concerns as possible, and keep you updated on philosophy developments! xo

  63. Dear Christina I miss you terribly but am also happy that all your years of hard work has come to fruition for you and yours HOWEVER it does not appear a drugstore brand Co has the savvy to know not to alter perfection… what a shame. There have been changes made to some products ,and there are too many of us old timers who know the difference that it cannot be denied. It is doubtful that AG and it’s sisters will return to its orginal form such a bummer

    And I am sickened to learn there is ANIMAL TESTING unnecessary and archaic.. Am now in search of a new fragrence took me YEARS to find AG!!!

  64. Jo Kleiner says:

    Christina – I’ve worn Amazing Grace since you came out with it – how many years ago was that? I lost count! There is nothing else like it on the market. Or was. I know it’s changed and I along with countless of your customers are deeply disappointed. Please do what you can to bring back the original!! We love you Christina! You are a lady of class and an inspiration to us all. All the best to you and yours.

  65. Liz Wehbe says:

    I don’t know if someone had purchased the company before Coty but I know that in the past couple of years many of the products have not been the same. The Grace fragrances have changed and now have ZERO staying power. Some of the skin care products seem to be just so-so. The only things I really enjoyed since things have changed have been the Fresh Cream, which disappeared for a while but now seems to be making a comeback and the Unconditional Love. I have been overseas for about 8 months now and have not had Unconditional Love during this time so I hope it has stayed the same. Having said all that, I am going to do some research and if I see that Coty does indeed do animal testing then I will no longer purchase ANY Philosophy products and will encourage others to do the same.

  66. Michelle Shaffer says:

    I don’t like the new consistency of Purity. At all. It’s runny and thin. I use it for my face and my son uses it to shave and it has kept his face clear of acne but he commented on the consistency, too. He asked if I had put water in it. I didn’t and it’s definitely and noticeably different. I’ve been on auto-delivery for it and several other philosoply products for a looooong, long time. (read: LOTS OF DOLLARS) I have cancelled my Amazing Grace order because it no longer has the same scent or staying power. (No, Liz Garrett, it’s not us! Our noses didn’t just get used to it…nice try, though!) My last delivery of Pure Grace smelled like some kind of chemical so I cancelled that order and if the next batch of Purity is as runny as this one, I’m done with philosophy. It’s too expensive for lowered quality. As so many have said, if I wanted a cheap product, I’d go to my local Wal Mart or CVS and get my skincare when I get my cleaning supplies. I want top shelf quality and am willing to pay for it.Anybody can write a thought provoking poem on the side of the bottle. I want quality INSIDE the bottle! I’m not willing to pay for watered down junk.

  67. josephine Rondoni says:

    A fan of her product, not a fan of her. When I first heard her on QVC she was borderline mean. Came off very full of herself. Must have been all that money. Her look even changed drastically. It’s the European way I have been told, something about pretention.

  68. Julie A. Cordwell says:

    I am just sick about not being able to get my favorite fragrance anymore. My family has gone through a tough year and a half and I’ve been unable to spend the money on my favorite perfume. My husband told me that as soon as our money situation loosened up, the first thing I could do is buy my perfume again. I just signed on the Q and was ready to buy again, because we finally are in a better money place. I looked forward to getting that bottle so much. Imagine my heartbreak about Grace. I’m disgusted by this blatant sell out and so, so sad. RIP Grace and all the other old and true Philosophy products. Christina you gave us beauty and hope and then ripped the rug out from under us. I work in a Veterinary clinic and it was the only fragrance I could wear that the animals could tolerate. I’m sure the only thing that will make you change back to the old products is when your wallet feels the pinch… I guess you got a good deal, so that won’t be anytime soon. so long to the P (and yes, I’m angry and hurt)

    • Andria says:

      I was in the same situation, I was laid off and AS SOON as I got a new job my first leisure purchase was my amazing grace, as soon as I put it on I knew something was wrong, it had a funny underlying smell. and the scent does not even last two hours, I would get complements all the time and now nothing, I am currently looking for a new pampering product and I am returning what I just got. 🙁

    • Andria says:

      Another thing is the lotion is not even as rich as it used to be, how do they thnk they can get away with this???

  69. annette says:

    Please bring back original Amazing Grace. Please, thank you

  70. annette says:

    Ps:if does anyone know where to but the original Amazing Grace spray fragrance? Large size preferred 🙂

  71. Sarah says:

    Eight years ago I became a “philosophy girl” after discovering AG and introduced my mother to the line as well. While I still purchase Purity and a 3-in-1 shower gel every so often, like nearly everyone over the past few years, we experienced our own set of financial issues (in addition to having 2 kids) so I no longer purchase like I used to and was unaware that the company had been sold and the formulations changed.
    My mom, who’s nearly 60, is going thru a difficult divorce and recently purchased the AG shower gel and firming body emulsion. It was supposed to be a much needed pick-me-up. And she was eagerly looking forward to receiving these products and feeling and smelling beautiful during this incredibly sad and stressful period. Frankly, she is SO DISAPPOINTED by the CRAP she got and I’m disgusted, too.
    The shower gel doesn’t smell or lather like it used to. The lotion is a joke. This isn’t the original, authentic AG we feel in love with. It’s some weak, cheap, lousy imitation masquerading as AG and a collosal waste of people’s hard earned money.
    I’ve since gone online and discovered a mountain of negative reviews about all of these formula changes. It’s awful that good products have been ruined. Loyal customers’ complaints aren’t being addressed satisfactorily. Apparently Coty and Ms. Garrett don’t care about what we think, feel, or want.
    Lastly, I’d like the “new philosophy” to know that they have just lost 3 more customers (me, my mom, and my husband). I posted this complaint on FB before unliking philosophy’s page. I’ve cancelled my auto-delivery of the supersize Purity and Microdelivery wash from QVC and there will be no future orders of any kind.

  72. cristinacarlino says:

    thank you for sharing your concerns and comments with me regarding philosophy. philosophy is diligent about investigating inquiries and suggestions from their consumers. i want to let you know that they have heard your feedback and will continue to examine the situation, as it is always philosophy’s goal to deliver at or above expectations on the products you love. please feel free to contact philosophy’s customer care team if you would like to speak to someone further

  73. Donna says:

    I WAS a loyal fan of Amazing Grace, until Coty changed the fragrance. It comes out smelling like alcohol and disappears almost immediately. Complaints to the company have come back with a response of ” nothing has changed”. Costumers are not idiots. It has changed and I no longer purchase any Philosophy products. Too bad. Amazing Grace was once amazing.

  74. roxanne says:

    Now I get it. I ordered Summer Grace and was shocked at how bad it was and had to return it. Now I am on A/D for Amazing Grace trio. It just doesn’t have the staying power and I NEVER get compliments like I used to on an almost daily basis. Corp greed strikes again. I used to work for a prestige bath and body company and will never forget the day a Helene Curtis Exec joined our team. Our first exec meeting she bragged about how she was going to save us a lot of money by cheapening all of our formulations and by putting in things in our skin care to “tingle and burn” the skin so women thought it was actually doing something. I was horrified but it happened and sales went down, people left the company, and customers noticed. It is still sold in NM, Saks, etc but I know, as do many customers that it’s not the same. So sad that the integrity of the Philosophy brand appears to be suffering the same fate.

  75. Connie says:

    I’m heartbroken by this news. Been a Philosophy girl for years. Both skincare & fragrance but I guess I’ll be looking for something new now. I DON’T TRUST COTY!!!!

  76. Andria says:

    I wore amazing grace for years and I loved it, I took a break for about a year and a half and recently purchased it again while away on business in Arizona. THE SMELL IS WAYYYYYY OFF, what happened. I loved the smell my husband loved the smell. Now I cannot even smell it, I could not go any where with out receiving compliments on my scent, I asked a friend today could she smell me and she literally had to put her noose to my arm. to say I am disappointed is an understatement. I feel like I am being ripped off, i spend the money on this lotion because of the quality, the consistency is not even quite the same. I dont know who is slipping but i have used this product long enough to know that something is WRONG. FIX IT!!!!

  77. Becky says:

    Now, I have to look for another fragrance that is as wonderful as Amazinig, but will last. How sad.

  78. barinder says:

    I as well am very dissapointed and disgusted at the amazing grace scent…..which was my favorite….but no longer is, becasue it has NO SCENT…….BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL SCENT……
    Until then i don’t plan on buying any more philosphy products…….very very sad!!!

  79. peggyann says:

    Dearest Christine:

    So this is what it’s come to, you asking us to walk with you through the light and shadows? I honestly don’t want to go anywhere with you unless we BOTH smell like the Amazing Grace of old.

    For years I have loved the sage advice on all the bottles and jars and if you are as smart as I think you are then you need to be true to yourself and with the customers who made you what you are today. Please don’t cheerlead for a company that has ruined my favorite products.

  80. Rebecca says:

    I am so disappointed – a few months ago I realized there was a change made to the present clear make up. That was tough for me to handle, but now the formula for the microdelivery exfoliating wash has been altered. What’s next, a new and improved (yeah right) version of hiaj!?! I am so, so saddened by these changes. Please bring back the original formulas. That’s all that we want, is that asking too much?

  81. Jan says:

    I was in the need of reordering my favorite products of “Falling in Love” and have decided not to after reading all the remarks online. I received a sample of a new fragrance but will probably not order if he quality has gone done. Too bad. I am not going to waste my money with so many bad reviews out there.

  82. Sharon H says:

    I just received a new bottle of my favorite,”Pure Grace body Spritz”. I Loved this fragrance and would get lots of compliments. That was before I got this new bottle. I thought it was just me, but after reading all of these negative reviews I see that things have changed at Philosophy. I think I will be sending this back.

  83. Cassie says:

    Dear Cristina – while I am late to the party in commenting, I agree with the previous posts. I have been a loyal Philosophy fan for years but find the fragrance of Amazing Grace is not as pure or intense as it had been. Worse is the rancid oil smell within the body lotion.
    The shower gel fragrances no longer fill my olfactory senses with lush, intense fruits or spices. The facial products no longer provide the dewy results I had in the past.
    You are dearly and sadly missed.

  84. Tracy C. says:

    I like so many others have been a Philosophy girl for many many years. I have used Amazing Grace exclusively since 2005. It was all I wore until the scent changed. I tried to switch to Pure Grace (soap and water – beautiful!) but what I received smells like bug spray. I exchanged that bottle thinking it was a bad batch, but got the same smell. I contacted Philosophy directly and got the same “nothing has changed” response. I no loger trust Philosophy/Coty brand and sadly am no longer a Philosophy girl. Christina I wish you well with the next chapter in your life after selling to Coty, its just too bad you sold us out along with yout company.

  85. Melissa says:

    I loved Pure Grace for many years, it was my favorite fragrance but not anymore. The scent changed and it’s watered down, so many people complain so there must be something wrong! Even the Pure Grace showergel smells more like alcohol then fragrace!

  86. Lois says:

    I have to agree with so many of the comments here. When I found Amazing Grace and Pure Grace, I stopped using every other fragrance I had ever used. Amazing Grace and Pure Grace were in a class all by themselves. Finally, wonderful, natural soft fragrances that didn’t come through the door before you did! In the last few years, I have tried some of the newer scents from Philosophy and they just don’t hit the mark the way Amazing Grace and Pure Grace did. I often commented that some of the new fragrances were beginning to smell like run of the mill department store fragrances – YUK. Now I know why. Christina, you have set such a wonderful example for women in the corporate structure. Without women, integrity is lost. We are the gatekeepers. We – your Philosophy girls – are asking you to restore the integrity of the original Philosophy fragrances that you worked so hard to bring to us. We love them just the way you made them.

  87. brenda says:

    please bring back amazing grace to us girls please let the manufactuerer know how dissapointed we are in them.

  88. Patty how's says:

    Omg, what have you done? Everything has changed. There is nothing lasting about the pure grace scent any longer. You used to have perfection in a bottle. Now, you have scented water. What an absolute shame! I think more QVC fans should be made aware of the fact you sold out.

  89. susan says:

    To who is in charge of changing the formula!

    Well i ordered several products through QVC and the scent is not there. I sent is back and QVC said it was not eligible for return! I purchased the large sizes of Falling in Love in the 3 and 1 and body lotion.

    So I have been ripped of for a good chunk of money AND it looks like Im not alone.
    If you dont stop cutting corners you will no longer have a customer base.

    How sad.

  90. kay says:

    Why have they stopped making peptide capsules with the acid??? It worked wonders. I also noticed the 3-6-9- oil was a different color. Are they changing formulas? I love Philosophy face products, have used them for years but may change now.

  91. P. Stevenson says:

    Ya know the old saying – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix (or mess) with it?
    Like so many before me have said, “Amazing Grace” just isn’t that Amazing any longer.
    I have ordered Philosphy products for many years but it’s time for me to move on, just as you have done. I can’t afford the high prices for Philosphy’s “FAUX” Products.
    Coty is not going to make money by making deceptive/faux products.

  92. pam m. says:

    This is it for me & Philosphy…………

  93. Meg walton says:

    I also am late in hearing this news. I had noticed a change in the micro delivery exfoliating wash which I use every morning, it was coffee for my skin. The smell has changed and the gritty beads disappear before you can finish the bottle. I was on AD with a supersize and thought maybe it was old or taking me too long to use so I switched to a smaller size and more money and it still isn’t the same. The bottle even feels thinner.i e mailed the Q and there response was they were unaware of any formula change. After hearing the news the company is now owned by Coty, I know it wasn’t me, the formula IS different. I have been a philosophy girl and devoted QVC shopper and am disappointed in their response to me. Please Cristina, think of all us girls that got you where you are today and stand up for us and your once wonderful products. I also have noticed a change in the lotion, I am a falling in love girl and the body lotion is watered down, I am due this week for AD and I will cancel and start using Josie Marin body creams. Please do something!!!

  94. Margaret says:

    VERY disappointed!! My favorite fragrance used to be Pure Grace but the new ownership has ruined it!! It smells like bug spray. If I wanted to smell like an outdoors redneck, I’d purchase the bug spray Off. The products that you used to be proud of is NOT the same. Coty has ruined philosophy. I will no longer purshase any more philosophy products. A VERY sad day indeed.

  95. Andrea says:

    BIG NEWS? More like a kiss of death for Philosophy! Ms. Carlino are you reading these posts from loyal Philosophy fans who have take the time to express their feelings on what the buyout of Philosophy to COTY has done to our favorite fragrances and products???? (94 posts and counting) You allowed yourself and your company to be bought , and sold us, your loyal customers out. I for one, would like an explaination from COTY Exec.’s or your friend “Liz”, on what they plan on doing with the Philosophy line in he future. They (you) owe that to loyal Philosophy customers. COTY’s aquirement of the Philosophy brand is to reduce the bottom line, (by changing formulas, reducing product quality, etc). It’s going to reduce the bottom line alright, which is the customers. Is COTY listening???? What do they plan on doing about this?

  96. Lori says:

    I too am late in learning of the buy out. I only use Philosophy products on my skin as I have been alleegic to other. I am out of Pure Grace lotion and am hesitant to order now from the Q because am afraid it will not be the same. Why would you do this to us loyal Philosophy girls?

  97. April says:

    I agree…I have sadly taken Philosophy off my holiday wish list. I told my husband to save his money. I am so sad about the lost quality of the product that I have LOVED for years!PLEASE bring back the REAL scents …and their staying power!

  98. Polly says:

    I have used amazing grace and pure grace and some of the skin products for at least ten years. all of it is expensive….but was worth it. if coty will not fix this problem and soon, then i will be yet another person never buying it again. i wish that you would consider making a new brand with the clean fresh smell of these two in the quality that you were known for, and making it for the general public sold at drug stores and other retailers…….at an affordable price for today’s economy.
    you would still make a fortune. probably more than before. we are all disappointed that this has happened so unlike you….. if this does not change i will never buy a coty product again.

  99. Michele Dunn says:

    THE AMAZING GRACE EMULSION HAS NO SCENT ANYMORE!!!! SINCE COTY HAS TAKEN OVER YOUR PRODECT, IT HAS GONE DOWN HILL!!! YOU ARE LOSING CUSTOMERS !!!! Can you PLEASE let us all know if and when this will be formulated BACK to the original Amazing Grace Body Emulsion??? I want to order it again, but I want the orginal formula that had the fragrance in it and it stayed all day. You cant smell this one even 1/2 hour after you have put it on. It is not cheap, but I always justified its purchase with the great fragrance it had that lasted all day. People USE to stop me all the time and tell me what I was wearing was so light and clean… now nobody can smell it even if they smell directly on my arm!!! PLEASE TELL US YOU WENT BACK TO THE ORIGINAL FORMULA !!!!!

  100. Catherine says:

    I too am disappointed in the change Coty has made in the Philosophy fragrances. I have taken the Pure Grace off my Christmas list too. I am so sad and hope you bring the original fragrances and products back and SOON!

  101. Michele Dunn says:

    CHRISTINA OR STAFF – please tell us any update on if you are going to change the product back. It is clear you have over 75 complaint letters here all stating the same thing, “product no longer has scent and is much thinner” and on the QVC page you have even MORE complaints, but NOWHERE have I seen anything said about how or IF you are going to rectify it. If it is not rectified, you will have permantly lost 100’s of loyal long time customers. PLEASE LET US KNOW SOMEWHERE THIS WILL BE RECTIFIED!!!!!

  102. ellen davison says:

    Dear Christna

    I hope you are enjoying the next chapter of your lfe It is unfortunate that Coty now owns your beloved philosophy. The scents are weaker lotions thinner and overall thngs have changed alas such is life IF you have ANY influence maybe Coty will listen to you

  103. Rae Ann says:

    I noticed the loss of aroma in Philosophy perfume a while ago…No longer am I standing in line or shopping and I am told by a complete stranger “Gee, you smell good”…somehow I missed the fact that Philosophy was purchased by Coty, but I definitely noticed things had changed in the products…especially the perfume…I am wondering why no one has answered the 75+ concerns people have expressed about the change in Philosophy products…will someone from Philosophy PLEASE answer our concerns and change the scents back to the way they were…

    • cristinacarlino says:

      thank you for reaching out. these requests are best sent to the customer care at philosophy. their customer care team welcomes your call at 1.800.568.3151, monday through friday, 6 a.m.-5 p.m. (mst).
      with grace and graditude, cristina

  104. Debbie Berg says:

    So that is what happened! I couldn’t get over all of the funny holiday scents last year and now this. What was with the berries? What happened to Sugary Cinnamon Icing? Amazing Grace? Hummmmm I remember Coty, when I was a kid but now? I guess I wouldn’t care if they were following the same path as Christina. But, they are not. AG is sadly different. Oh well. Maybe they’ll figure it out…….as of my last perfume purchase at Sephora 2 months ago the AG was still watery and lackluster. I sure would like to buy it again sometime……and how’s about that Sugary Cinnamon Icing while they’re at it? 🙁

  105. linda says:

    Dear Coty,
    Philosophy has had a HUGE following of customers without benefit of advertising for all it’s years.
    Since your purchase, many, including myself, are now on the search for different products to use. If your plan was to run this company in the ground, why not just shut it down instead of disappointing all of it’s followers. The scents – if you can call them that – have been drastically changed and not for the better. Moisturizers no longer work and are watery.
    I, for one, am happy that I have quite a large collection of the original products on hand which will give me time to hit the stores and find replacements.
    Best of luck to you Christina – we are all sorry Coty has done this to your wonderful products.

  106. july says:

    I am so sorry for these new changes in the Philosophy previous aroma. I PREDICT you will lose a lot of customers unless you find a way to go back to the original scent!
    You will lose money and your customers will lose the freshness of the fragrance that for years brought tranquility and joy throughout days of hardwork!
    Please, tell me that you are going back to the original…if not, this is a goodbye.

    with sadness,

  107. It is too bad that when Philosophy sold to Coty, there was not an iron clad agreement that all of the formulas would remain unchanged. I used Falling In Love…..many forms…..for several years. Now, as MANY reviewers on QVC have written…….the scent dissipates in a very few minutes..
    I will be returning a 4 oz. bottle of the spray……….the price has not gone down, but, the quality of this, and other fragrances has…………….I doubt that I will purchase any of the Philosophy products anymore.

  108. Remelle Shane says:

    Cristina, this is not good news. This is very disappointing news. As you can see or read by all the blogs that the philosophy girls are not very happy with the products since Coty took over. Everything has changed. The scents from the Graces and the Loves no longer linger. They instantly fade. We are no longer getting compliments on how good we smell. This is going to cause a HUGE decline in sales. Please get the original scents back or you will loose and have already lost a HUGE amount of customers on QVC. You should read the comments. I hope you read all these comments and the ones on QVC and make changes not only to those products but to all the products.

  109. Barbara says:

    Though my opinion will only serve to echo the 100+ comments that precede mine, I find the need to add my personal disappointment. As a loyal Philosophy customer for over 10 yrs I can attest to the fact that my beloved Amazing Grace fragrance has not been the same for nearly 2 yrs. I did continue to purchase on and off in the hope it was an off batch, or a formula modification that would be corrected; I tried layering the fragrance with the scented lotion and the body oil, but alas even then the fragrance faded in minutes. So I finally I realized it was time to stop the wishful (and wasteful) thinking. To be perfectly honest, I noticed a difference in the products well before I learned of the Coty acquisition. Regardless of who is responsible for the formula/production decisions that have (definitely) been made, the current corporate response that claims “nothing has changed” is preposterous and highly insulting. So sad to say good-bye, Philosophy .. but honesty is still the best policy. For some of us anyway.

  110. Lou says:

    I cannot understand why a large co. like Coty would do something like this. This is simply not good business sense! Why would a company want to change a product that makes them millions? They will loose major sales, cause if a product changes, and the customer quits ordering, why would they do that? I have seen this with another major company….customers demanded that a certain item be brought back in the original formula, and low and behold they did! So money talks! Just wait everyone, time will tell.

  111. Elizabeth says:

    I too just got my AD order of Amazing Grace. I opened the bottle and I can barely smell the fragrance at all. I guess I will adding myself to the long list of women who no longer wear this fragrance. I have been wearing Grace for over 10 yrs. I even had my mother, daughter and half my coworkers at the hospital wearing it. What a shame.

  112. Michelle says:

    CHEAP! Now I know why I (and everyone else around me) doesn’t LOVE this stuff anymore. I used to get compliments ALL day by both men and women. Now, I do NOT love it. COTY???? I should have know. I have moved on to others. Bye-bye Philosophy. You are losing not only a Grace girl, but lots of skin care product user as well.

  113. Lisa says:

    I used to get compliments all the time by both men and women. Now that is nolonger the case. As a matter of fact, I cannot even smell the philosophy fragrances when I wear them. Amazing Grace, Pure Grace, Baby Grace and Falling In Love are the ONLY fragrances I wear…I work in healthcare as a dental assistant. I am sad to say, that I will NOT be purchasing anymore of the philosophy fragrances…it’s too much of an expense to not be able to enjoy the scent. I order most of my philosophy fragrances on the auto-delivery plan from QVC ~ I have discontinued all of my future delivery plans. I am sad to say, I will be looking at different fragrances & hope to find something I can enjoy wearing again. Also, I will nolonger be using the philosophy skincare products either. PLEASE bring back the original formulas to my beloved philosophy fragrances…I’d love to stay with them. I have been a loyal philosophy girl for many years.

  114. linda says:

    Last week I found a very old (2-3yr old) almost full bottle of Amazing Grace in bath vanity – it had actually separated. Two inches of clear at bottom and super thick opaque on top so I laid on side and kept rolling around until it mixed. I used it – 2 pumps, not the 4-6 I have been using recently and had the most heavenly scented shower in a few years. To top it off, my skin was lightly scented along with the sheets and the bath smelled for two days! This was the original philosophy.
    I had 3 AD on QVC and after this episode knew it wasn’t me but the products. I have cancelled ALL future shipments and will also be looking for new products.
    Please relay all these complaints to your friend Liz – calling the company gets you nowhere as is the case with most huge corporations. They listen, say have a good day and thanks for calling with no response.
    It appeared you put your heart and soul into these products and it is very sad to see them die at the hand of Coty.

  115. linda says:

    PS- Just saw a blog on the Q that these products are now sold at WalMart, TJ Maxx, CVS etc.
    Also saw on TV “guide” that they have late night info-mercials ! This has taken once fabulous products to a new low.

    • Donna D says:

      I do know that TJ Maxx has carried discontinued Philosophy shower gel scents and skincare as has Nordstrom rack (remember the purity foaming cleanser), but it was discontinued not first run new stuff. As far as infomercials go, several years ago there was an infomercial feat. Amy Grant but it didn’t run very long. I don’t have a problem with TJ Maxx or Marshalls selling discontinued philosophy stuff or informercials, it can be a new way of introducing the line to people. But selling new philosophy product at Walmart or CVS is problematic.

  116. LLPR says:

    Will Grace Baine be the one to bring back the Pure in GRACE or are they making GREEN GRACE to reach the loyal philosophy to recycle the products back for an AMZAZING GRACE comeback

  117. Stacy says:

    For Christmas I gave my sister a bottle of Amazing Grace body spritz and my husband gave me one as well. Very delighted sister and a very delighted me. Tonight I used the spritz and could barely smell a thing. I spritzed myself three times, the sink three times and my towel once just to see if I could smell the fragrance and I could barely smell anything. What my nose did detect was something that smelled of a lily note and the faintest slight whiff of AG and alcohol. I looked at the label and saw that it said Coty Prestige and knew that something was wrong. I don’t care what Christina does with her company, as it is her company to do with as she likes, BUT I don’t appreciate paying good money for a watered down product. In fact it’s 15 minutes later and I still can’t smell AG on myself even after three spritzes! I have a bottle of Inner Grace body spritz I bought two or three years ago and it’s potent enough that one spritz will be potent enough to last all day. Because of this I decided to purchase the Amazing Grace body spritz for my sister who is a big AG fan. Now I will have to call her tomorrow to APOLOGIZE for the gift I gave her that does not smell as I should and then have to retrieve it from her and then package her bottle and mine, then drive to the post office, pay for shipping all in order to get my money back. Then I’ll have to look for a replacement gift for her. So in short I’m going to have to spend more money to fix the problem.

    So, yes, something good has been tampered with. So many companies are messing with good things to save a buck due to the bad economy. Lesser quality ingredients at the same or higher prices with the companies swearing it’s the same thing that the consumer is buying.

    Please, Christina, people’s noses aren’t broken. Coty has messed with the products. If you have any say in your company please get Coty to fix the problem. Thanks.

  118. Judy says:

    Coty is making a mockery of the entire Philosophy line. My new AG fine fragrance I received for Christmas is going back TODAY. It’s not the same and I’m beginning to suspect the same about their other products. And now CVS and Walmart? What are they trying to do? Make AG the next Love’s Baby Soft?

    Oh Christina, what a mistake…..I’m so sorry this happened. Is there ANY influence you have on them at all? I’ve been a loyal Philosophy girl for 20+ years, but I am officially shopping around for a new brand.

    I think I will be telling COTY that as well.

  119. Sydney says:

    I agree 100% with the others but I have a new complaint. The Hope in a Jar has also changed. 10 out of the last 10 that I have bought have arrived liquified. No one wants a liquid moisturizer! I received one that had actually seperated. So, either that formula has changed or Coty is selling extremely old stock.
    I will no longer be buying the hope in a jar!
    Coty: BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL FORMULAS that Philosophy had perfected! Never mess with a good thing unless you want to lose your entire loyal customer base!

  120. kate barker says:

    So sad that Philosophy has been sold to Coty…..a name synonymous with cheap, inferior fragrances and beauty products. I’ve noticed a decline in several of my favorite Philosophy products, so – regretably – I will no longer be a customer. My search begins for a new, quality product line. Farewell, Philosophy. R.I.P.

  121. Lynn says:

    I knew something was up – the fabulous Fresh Cream has been changed from its wonderful scent and creamy consistency and freshness to a bland, scentless, well, thin lotion. Very disappointing…

  122. Lori says:

    I have been a Pure Grace and Amazing Grace girl for years. The last AG I bought smells like cheap drugstore perfume. I had also always ordered the 32 oz. body lotions to layer. They now smell rancid after a very short time. I’m so sorry to see the changes. I’ve recently switched to a new scent from another company. Sad to see the Graces go. 🙁

  123. I hope that one of these days, when presented on QVC, we will hear that “Falling In Love” is now back to its original scent ! That was my absolute favorite…………the change in the scent (actually, there is barely any scent) has put me off on purchasing other Philosophy products………..too bad………

  124. Debbie Farnam says:

    Like so many of the responders before me, I kept plugging away trying to understand, until just now realizing the company has new owners, Coty. Clearly, Coty has a totally different “philosophy” than Cristina. It is “change everything, they will never notice subtle changes or blatant changes; and certainly not react or most definitely, not tell us & everyone else.” Wellll, bad strategy, Coty.
    Over many years, I, and a multitude of others, have spent a fortune on Philosophy products. Cristina, the superiority of your products & you, were deciding factors in each purchase & recurring/auto purchase. We always knew we would receive the same product again & again. It’s an understatement to say I’m disappointed. I’m flabbergasted that Coty has actually discontinued producing Amazing Grace & the Graces scents in their original formulas, sizes and products line, as well as, presuming we wouldn’t flip! I can see after reading the zillion comments, that we each tried to make excuses, then once sharing, knew it was not something our noses failed or our skin changing or our environment, but what Coty did. Shame on Coty…
    Cristina, Even with all of your benevolence, Coty has betrayed your former company’s respect and confidence in its supporters and consumers. Your supporters and consumers. They can sell their knock-offs to whomever will buy them wherever Coty chooses. But, the question is “How can Coty use your Philosophy Brand or the names you assigned to the products when they’re not?” Unbelievable….

    • Andrea says:

      Christina is no longer an individual connected with Philosophy. It is so sad that the purchase agreement to Coty did not include a stipulation to not change the original chemistry of the product, but it did not. Coty is crap along with all the products they sell for way to much money with out any quality or integrity. It’s all about the dollar. Christina sold out her first baby to a monster. This has disappointed all of her Philosophy followers. I will no longer be using any of the Philosophy products or Coty. So sad and shame on you!

  125. Andrea says:

    I absolutely loved Philosophy but it is not the same at all anymore. I would buy Amazing Grace, Falling in Love for myself and my friends and family. I am so very sad because it doesn’t smell the same at all. Please, please try to bring back the original Philosophy. PLEASE!!!!!!!

  126. Patti says:

    What a crying shame! All of you are so right – the graces and loves do not, i repeat do not smell the same at all and haven’t for quite some time. I thought it was me. I didn’t know about the sale of philosophy until I fell upon this site. I so miss the smell and am so sad it will no longer be available. Coty – are you kidding me Christina. The philosophy name has been ruined by COTY’s cheap marketing plan. I am passing this news on and am no longer a customer of COTY’s philosophy . COTY obviously doesn’t care.

  127. Vernell Grissom says:

    Why are we constantly being fed the idea that if you don’t embrace change you are terribly out of sinc and unrealistic. It took many of us a long time to find a product line such as Philosophy which spoke to us on so many levels as well as helping us take good care of ourselves . It’s really a testament to how much we identified with various products that we now know that something is very different even though we can’t quite put our finger on it. The feel, the look and the fragrance have changed and it just can’t be denied. Our favorite formulas have been tampered with and truly not for the better. Change? I’d say a terrible manipulation of our faith & loyalty which will not go unnoticed. I won’t continue to spend the money for products which are merely a shell of the original. Do I wan’t to find replacements? No. but I will & so will other “Philosophy” girls. I want the real deal and I’ll settle for nothing less. Change be damned!

  128. Stephie says:

    I once loved Pure Grace because it made me feel pretty when I felt very ill. I remember watching Christina years ago and thinking, she seems like a lovely person, someone with depth… I still feel this way.

    I miss Pure Grace…I don’t know what has happened to it. It seems that Philosophy is in the hands of a company who are of a different philosophy–

  129. Brenda says:

    I’m done with Philosophy after my stockpile is depleted. Used to be on auto delivery for everything, have now canelled all. The products just aren’t the same. Didn’t even watch QVC’s last Philosophy show. Used to love getting all the comments about Amazing Grace, not any more. Used to love my Purity, not any more. Hope in a Jar, not any more. Kiss me lip balm, not any more. Shear Splendor shampoo and conditioner, not any more. Very sad, and frustrating.

  130. Ruby says:

    Very disappointed….was getting ready to buy some more philosophy but maybe not now!!!! Why do they have to change it?

  131. Gayle says:

    Dearest Cristino,
    After watching you for years grow your Philosophy brand at department stores and on QVC, I am now utterly shocked that Coty has been allowed to damage everything you built in a very short period of time. The Philosophy name produced products you clearly put your whole heart into, not to mention your name and reputation. I obviously don’t know the details of your agreement with Coty but considering the products are NOT, and I repeat NOT being producing with the same quality mastered by Philosophy, I find it hard to believe this is what you signed off on. The fragrances especially are totally watered down. If you did allow them the right to reformulate your products, then I’m sadly disappointed. After loving the Philosophy brand for so many years, I now join the others on here and other websites in saying until I hear the products have returned to their original formulations, I will no longer be purchasing Philosophy products. I hope you or someone is listening and I thank you for your time.

  132. suzie says:

    WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!! I even return the products that were not cheap and QVC didn’t refund my money nor did they return my products. Every time I call Customer Service at QVC I get a different answer. In my heart I know QVC knows that Philosophy has cut back for a better bottom line for the NEW owners. It makes me sick that I had paid so much money and had a common issue and QVC did NOTHING. What will it take for these big companies to LISTEN AND MAKE THING RIGHT for ALL the people that have been good customers for so many years……maybe when we all stop buying their cheap knock off of the real Philosophy line? I makes me sad. I work in the corporate world and many of these big companies do cut backs to products that they know make their products quality worse than some knock offs! It makes me sad to say good-bye and find another product that I will like. Philosophy will lose so many loyal buyers and when they start to see the BOTTOM LINE TURN RED then maybe they will be honest and fix their poor decision to cut back on the scents.

  133. Mary says:

    I have worn Amazing Grace for years now and am so disappointed that Coty has changed this wonderful fragrance. Coty please listen to your loyal Amazing Grace customers and bring back the original fragrance. I have a very small amount of the original scent left and when its done, I’m done with philosophy!!!

  134. Kelly says:

    Initially I was very happy to hear the news but then I realized my lotions, colognes, etc did not seem to stay. I thought it was just me & that I had just become accustomed to the fragrance after all these years. I switched scents & realized it was not me. The fragrance does not stay, it smells different & I no longer get compliments. Very sad & disappointed. I am now looking for a replacement.

  135. Michele says:

    Interesting that Christina has not responded to all these dissatisfied yet previously loyal customers. I too have abandoned Philosophy products due to reduced quality. But of course, why would she care? Can you imagine how much money she made on that sale! Coty will continue to reduce this line to a drugstore quality knock off. Gotta make those profits . . . Which I don’t begrudge, but I MISS MY PRODUCTS.

  136. K says:

    I wondered why I had not seen Christina on the Q. Now I know. I too have been reading the reviews on the Q and wondering why there were an increasing number of unhappy people. I thought it was my imagination with the purity cleanser. It hasn’t been removing my make up as well as it had in the past. I hope that Coty will embrace all that is/was good about philosophy and that the quality will continue/return. Christina please voice the concerns of your loyal customers!! I too would ask Why Coty. But lets face it, money talks. I have seen countless products, not just philosophy, come to market and it seems like the minute folks find out it works or is the best, bingo that product is no longer available. Like other reviewers I agree Coty is not known for its quality. If philosophy continues to decline I too will look for another brand. Wonder how Dara Lynn feels?

  137. Sue2 says:

    Clearly, not that it will make any difference, but I too miss the quality we all came to love with Philosophy, particularly for me, Amazing Grace. Doesn’t Cristina care about “her baby?” One would think she would have insisted the high quality/standards not be changed. I can buy the same substandard products from a vending machine now – and a lot cheaper. Very sad the only important thing to Coty (and Cristina) is $$$$.

  138. leonora says:

    I just purchased inner grace and there is no smell. 52.00 Im returning it.

  139. Ellen says:

    I agree with all the quality comments — I use many Philosophy products for yes and they are just NOT THE SAME NOW! Please Christina, Coty – fix this & make this right !!

  140. Ellen says:

    I agree with all the quality comments — I use many Philosophy products for years and they are just NOT THE SAME NOW! Please Christina, Coty – fix this & make this right !!

  141. Laurie says:

    I had no idea that Philosophy had been sold to Coty. I had noticed that something was different with the Amazing Grace and Pure Grace fragrances but couldn’t quite put my finger on what was different. Even though I have a fairly new bottle of Pure Grace, I have stopped using it because it doesn’t last and doesn’t smell the same… This is quite upsetting to me because the Philosophy AG and PG fragrances have been the only fragrances I have been able to use for many years due to allergies. I will be telling my husband to stop purchasing these products for me and will likely go back to being “fragrance free”. Now I also understand why my Purity facial wash as been so runny and why I now need to use a toner to remove all of my makeup after cleansing my face! So, so sad and disappointed that these products have been cheapened by another big corporation… I will NO LONGER be purchasing ANY Philosophy products. And even though Coty is losing many long time customers, perhaps the feeling is that they will make up for the loss in larger volume sales. I just read a post on another site about Philosophy products being seen at Walmart or Target (unclear whether or not the products were actually Philosophy or another brand made to look like Philosophy packaging) and the customer stated she would be happy if the product is carried at larger chain stores and didn’t mind if it was “B quality”… So there you go–I’m sure this person is not the only person out there who would purchase B quality Philosophy products!

  142. Laura says:

    I did not realize Philosophy was sold but couldn’t figure out why purity was not removing my makeup. It used to remove every bit of makeup, including waterproof mascara and now its useless. What a shame it is to have been a loyal head to toe user of this brand for 10 years only to have this happen. Coty is nothing more than a bargain drugstore brand. Time to find new products. Very sad Cristina, very sad.

  143. KM says:

    I first bought Philosophy Hope In A Jar, all of the Grace products and make up years ago. I’ll just say I have after returning a lot of it lately that the Grace products have lost their scent and and the Hope In A Jar burns my eyes now even while avoiding them. I agree with all of the negative I have read here and on QVC reviews. So sad that I had finally found something that did not make me nauseous during cancer treatment has diminished to something I would see in my local drug store next to the Tabu and Heaven Scent…YIKES! Looks like that’s where they’re headed if they don’t improve the products back to the what they were which is why we became lovers of Philosophy in the first place. Thanks a lot for the “Big News” more like BAD NEWS.

  144. mary says:

    I know the new philosphy is not the same. I have been buying these products for my daughter and myself for years. I even wanted to sell them. But now they can keep them. Why would they change perfection?

  145. Cathy Boutilier says:

    Please let me know when Amazing Grace goes back to the original scent!! I will be busy looking for my “new” favorite until then!!

  146. neddie says:

    If its not broke dont fix it.. They need to come back with the original formulas.

  147. shirley says:

    seems that philosophy has gone the way of the rest of the american corps, profit before quality. friend bought bottle of pure grace for me as i like many of the posters have been short on cash. horrible smell didn’t last. now my birthday is coming up and i will be forced to tell him thanks but no thanks. back to frarance free, as i search. i have smelled fragrances in the dollar store that smell better

  148. Terry says:

    WHAT! I have just become aware of the sale to Coty and the subsequent formulation changes. I COULD NOT BE MORE DISAPPOINTED!!!! I went to QVC to order more Pure Grace and noticed all of the HORRIBLE REVIEWS for the product.
    Chistina I hope you enjoy your millions of $$$ because for those of us who have bought into your philosophy are devestated at the changes Coty has wrought.

  149. Debbie says:

    My friends, family, and co-workers who are ( and have been for a long time ) Philosophy fans are terribly disappointed and even disgusted. As prices are about the same as they have always been, the quality of our beloved products has gone downhill.
    Amazing Grace and Summer Grace especially seem “watered down”. From our Eau De Toilette to the Body Emulsion and 3-in-1 bath, shower, and shampoo – the fragrance is almost non existent!!
    In reading reviews from several websites across the world, this is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed. Sadly, Coty and the Philosophy Brand will lose millions of dollars in business as customers find new favorites.

  150. Julie W says:

    Soooo disappointed! COTY PRODUCTS ARE CRAP! Last time I will purchase AG fragrance , IT DOESN’T LAST! I have a stash of Purity and hope in a jar that should last me awhile, but I will think long and hard about continuing this brand. I noticed an immediate change in the body wash/shampoo formulation and gave it up last spring…made my skin feel tight and DRY! I have been using Philosophy for over 14 years and I’m really bummed. A LITTLE PISSED AT QVC FOR NOT DISCLOSING THIS INFO! Overall quality has nose dived there too! I wondered where Christina disappeared to!!! Got suspicious when I couldn’t find any DIVINE items!

  151. Julie K says:

    Christina I’m sorry you sold your soul to the COTY. What a disappointment AG products are now. The smell barely lasts at all and I was so in love with the Amazing Grace scent. Boo hoo.

  152. Kelly says:

    What a kick on the teeth. Just when I thought I could trust a company….all my products will be tossed and never repurchased because Coty is notorious for animal testing. Shame on you for selling out.

  153. Ellen says:

    Christina please come back to Philosophy because it is not the same and neither are the products. The scents have changed and not for the better. I spend a ton of money on these products and within the hour there is no scent on me at all. Not sure why Coty changed the formulas but I gues they wanted to make money and cheapen the products. I am trying to find another skin care line that is as good as Philosophy was when you owned them. I don;t mind paying the price if the product was worth every penny but this one is no longer worth buying. I layer as they say to do and the scent is gone so quickly. I can buy cheap perfume and it will last longer the their products. Well it has been a good ride while it lasted so now I must say goodbye to Philosophy!! So sad.

  154. Tina says:

    I miss the old Philosophy! I really used to look forward to seasonal products, but I would say the last two to three years have been disappointing. A lot of people have commented on the fragrance’s staying power, but I think most no longer even smell good. The ones that do appeal to me, simply do not last. I have been a philosophy user since 1997. I still have the make up brushes that came with my Little Black Book in 1997. I use them daily. I can definitely tell the decline in the quality of the current products. The shower gels used to last so long and i miss the original Kiss Me lip balm! I am sad to see Philosophy fall.

  155. Pat says:

    I used to love Amazing Grave and Pure Grace purchasing the large sizes whenever I could. But the scents have changed to being almost non-existent. The product is no longer the same. At one showing on air it was suggested that we were getting used to smell so didn’t notice it quite as much. My mom wore Wind Song for years and it NEVER lost it’s smell or fragrance. She also wore White Diamonds and that didn’t change either. I have friends wearing many long time fragrances and their scents are the same today as they were when they first used them years ago. Needless to say, I don’t subscribe to the theory that we are all “used to the scent”. It would be great if someone who truly cared about philosophy would take back the brand and bring back the original scents and product. This many people can’t be imaging that the things are no longer the same. Thank you for your time.

  156. Jody says:

    Please answer the issue about the change of the Amazing Grace fragrance……With so many women voicing an opinion why will you not address this? We all loved your original product and that fragrance created your company success.

    If you would explain what is happening it might bring us all back………simply said, we all loved the original fragrance.

    I would gladly pay more for the quality, than simplified for the masses. Quality speaks for itself.
    Thank you for allowing me to write this.

  157. Cheryl says:

    You should really speak up about the quality of the products. If the intention is to never bring back the original Amazing Grace scent, please say it already. You should also state why it was changed. It’s a shame, your ‘philosophy’ is that scent matters so much to people, yet you’ve proven that it really isn’t true based on your changed product. I really do miss the lotion…I also watch QVC and want to gag when those girls are on trying to sell their products- I’m surprised QVC is still allowing Philosophy on the program- makes me also question their integrity. The new stuff, like EVERYONE has been stating smells like junk- not only weak, but have tried it from a few different places, and some even smell down really chemically and BAD.

  158. Cindy Dove says:

    I totally agree the Amazing Grace fragrance has changed dramatically. It no longer even resembles the original. However, I don’t think the new scent is weak, I think it’s too strong and it smells awful. At least on me! That was one thing I adored about the other Amazing Grace. It was the only scent I’ve been able to wear because it didn’t “change” on me once I had it on. This new stuff just makes me want to gag after about 10 minutes. With the old, I could barely smell it after 10 minutes, which I thought was a good thing, but I read where other wearers complained about this thinking the scent was gone, but the scent WASN’T gone because people were constantly telling me how good I smelled and asked what scent I was wearing. I could never wear a scent before Amazing Grace due to headaches from the strong scents and chemical changing on my body, but I didn’t get that with the original Amazing Grace that Christina sold. I am so sad. I was known for my scent, but no more.

    • Janis Blacklock says:

      Totally agree. It was my fragrance too, for over six years. I feel robbed and betrayed, totally cheated.

  159. Carol says:

    I too noticed the change a year or so ago, no longer like the body and bath products. I had stopped using then trying again, sorry not the same, no longer will purchase the grace family.

  160. Janis Blacklock says:

    I am literally blown away, and it seems I am not alone. First, I noticed that I kept having to spray more and more f(Amazing Grace) rangrance on in order to retain the smell. I used to be able to spray on two or three squirts and it lasted all day, and I always, and I mean ALWAYS received at least two compliments, minimum. I actually stopped using YSL Paris, which isn’t exactly cheap perfume, because my soon-to-be husband didn’t like it and preferred Amazing Grace on me, which has become my signature fragrance. I also bought a 32-oz. bottle of the body emulsion only to discover that it had absolutely ZERO trace of Amazing Grace in it. So I kept spending money…and bought more perfume, and thought, is it me? Last week I purchased the lastest and what was touted as “most PURE” and “concentrated” version of Amazing Grace, called “Fine Perfume,” whatever that is supposed to mean. I sprayed it on and thought, “what tha…?” It smelled like cheap toilet water. I thought it was me. I sprayed it on my wrist. It smelled like crappy musk oil and then five minutes later…nothing. I went back to Sephora and the supposed “perfume expert” could not explain what was happening. He also could not smell a trace of perfume on my wrist five minutes after, either. I got my money back, but I am furious; I feel deceived, betrayed and hugely disappointed, and angry that a company could be so stupid as to think that devoted followers, of which I have been one, would not notice the difference. Hey Coty: We notice. I will never, ever buy anything from Philosophy again. A really great little startup that went huge sold out, and dragged the rest of us devoted followers along with it. What were you thinking Philosophy? How could you sell us out like that ?????

  161. Carol W says:

    I have an older bottle of Amazing Grace since I stocked up. This older bottle of fragrance lasts all day. I also received complements of how wonderful I smell. New bottle of Amazing Grace doesn’t last more than an hour. I am OVER Philosophy until Coty returns the product to its original form.

  162. Cilla says:

    As an original, loyal product fan – I am DONE. The products, particularly Amazing Grace are it the same and very poor substitutes. No “blogs” of commitment to quality will change that – only going back to the original formulations will. I am gone until that happens.

  163. Monica e. says:

    There should be no need to layer now for the fragrance to last, since it wasn’t necessary with the original scent. Plus it doesn’t smell like it used to, bring back the original scent. Please don’t play dumb and act as if nothing has changed, don’t lie to us. Wth am i supposed to use now? Soon they’ll be selling philosophy at targed and Walgreens. Good job :/

  164. Nunziata D says:

    I am extremely disappointed that there is no longer a body lotion I loved called Amazing Grace, It wasn’t cheap but I loved it so much I was willing to pay extra for it. At the present time, I am looking for a new body lotion unless Coty goes back to the original fragrance, Why would they not want to make more money selling the original fragrance. I bought AG oil mist thinking it would be what I wanted. After 15 minutes, the scent was completely gone. Wake up, Coty! We are willing to give you a second chance but we can’t wait forever! It’s now or never!

  165. Mary says:

    I knew Philosophy would do something to “eff” up Amazing grace. It was only a matter of time. All for the mighty dollar. Hey Philosophy….you suck! So does your fragrance cheapening side kick, Coty.

    • Janis says:

      I spoke to someone at Sephora who told me that often when companies are bought out by larger companies, they do not sell them their formulas, and then at a later time the company that sold out starts a new fragrance line using the same formulas but under a different name. Clever…but that doesn’t help me out here right now. Coty is supposed to be so savvy about women and their signature scents…if they knew they would be purchasing the company but would not have access to the scent formulas, they should have just said so and taken the hit. I’d have more respect for them than I do now, but apparently there are women out there who think the bast*ardized version of Amazing Grace is all that. If they only knew…I used to go to put on a scarf or sweater that I had worn a week ago and I could still smell my perfume on it. Now I can’t smell it on my own body five minutes after spraying it on.

  166. Leanne says:

    I agree that the Philosophy Brand has changed, and not at all for the better. However, Cristina
    absolutely has the right to sell the company and ensure a positive financial future for her family. Once you have sold a corporation and have helped the transition go smoothly, you generally have no say, or any control in future productions or formulas of the product. Coty is now solely responsible for the cheapening of the Philosophy line; we should make sure they are aware of the new vastly inferior products. I am no longer spending any money on Philosophy!

  167. Mary says:

    Here’s the new “philosophy” that should be written on the new amazing Grace bottles: “Many times it’s more important to make lots of money & sell out, rather than care about customer’s who got us where we are now. So we cheapened this product to reflect that. happy day’s ladies.”

    I am still so disgusted w/Ms. Carlino. You want to sell your company that you acted like was so close to your heart & blah, blah, blah….go ahead. But have some respect for your customers. Your contract should have stated that Amazing Grace, (as an example), is not to change in any form..i,e, the formula is to be kept as is. Or is that asking to much? I will never buy any of your products again. You’re “filled with Grace’?? You’re definitely filled w/something…but it’s not “Grace”.

  168. Valerie says:

    Christina, I pray you are well and enjoying your new path in this journey of life. I do not fault you for selling Philosophy and moving on. Our lives are not always going to remain the same and sometimes there are more important things than running a business, etc. We should not have to apologize to anyone for our choices and why we make them. I am sad Coty/Estee have the Philosophy line. I just don’t buy it anymore although I loved it and used it for years. I do not agree with their “philosophy” and testing procedures and never buy their products and now I no longer buy Philosophy products. I miss them all terribly however, especially Pure Grace and my skincare regimen. I used Biomedic and followed you to Philosophy. I pray you will reach a point in your life where you will once again develop an amazing skincare line, affordable and that works as well as the other two had. I pray your passion will once again include skincare for the masses. Blessings to you in great abundance.

  169. Valerie says:

    P.S. Any chance you have some old products laying around you would consider selling me? 🙂

  170. Cynthia says:

    I am truly disappointed that I am unable to purchase a product that I loved. I am further frustrated that no one seems to acknowledge or care that the Philosophy reputation is now in the toilet. If Coty can’t give us what we are asking for, at least remove the Philosophy/Amazing Grace label so that no one else is fooled.

  171. kitty1228 says:

    I’m so disappointed to find out that my favorite products now come from such a cheap maker as city. I feel ripped off. It’s like finding out that WEN is actually made by the makers of Suave shampoo. I understand why all the women are now complaining that the scents don’t smell the same. Personally I’ve always thought that “amazing grace” stinks horribly but lately I’ve noticed that my purity made simple & microdelivery exfoliating face wash just aren’t working the same. Probably cheaped out on the ingredients. What can you expect from a company that will also test on animals?
    How sad to have sold this once very nice company to just make a quick buck and not put into consideration the buyers feelings. Losing so many customers many of them who were Philosophy girls from many many years is just sad.

  172. jamcar says:

    I have used Philosophy for many years. And like so many of you, I was stunned when strangers would ask me what perfume I was wearing (Amazing Grace). And they would consistently say how it was the most peaceful scent they had smelled. I have also noticed, can’t say how long, that I don’t seem to get those comments anymore. And I use all Amazing Grace but the SCENT DOES NOT STAY! I am so sad and feel it must be CODY dummying down the product. If I were Cristina, I would not want to be associated with Cody anymore or demand quality control.
    In fact, my husband asked if I had changed scents because he always loved the way I left the Amazing Grace scent as I walked past him and it lingered in the house.
    I also use the skin care products but now ???
    CODY-don’t cheapen the product!!!!!

  173. ann-marie says:

    why hasn’t cristina or anyone at coty replied to us? are we ever going to smell amazing grace as it once WAS and should be? it makes me sick that we all spent our money on a fragrance we all loved(and it became our scent) helped build a company and now we dont even deserve an answer….it would be awesome to know they would fix it….it is so sad…i absolutely loved a.g……now it smells just downright nasty-for five minutes….i guess cristina nor coty have integrity….no surprise as they apparently both got what they wanted

  174. Sommer Lynne HIllman says:

    I have to say that I am so relieved to have found this blog today, I thought I was going crazy.

    I have been using Amazing grace for years, and then it was time to reorder and I received my product in the mail from QVC as I have many times before ( and this time it was as if my world has fallen apart)
    It is nothing like it use to be, there is no scent, I use the bath gel, body spray and perfume ( I love to layer)I put it on and walk out of the house and I use to comments all the time from just random people.But now it doesn’t last 10 minutes.
    My husband even asked why don’t you use that perfume any more

    I sure miss the old formula.

  175. nancy says:

    What is the big secret? Why do Christina and so many people (QVC for one) who sell Philosophy products refuse to discuss what happened to it? When you refuse to answer a simple question, you leave yourself open for more questions and distrust. When is someone going to be honest with us and answer our questions?

  176. Margaret Ward says:

    Back in the spring I had a similar experience as many of you did. Having been out of my Amazing Grace for months, I finally went to Sephora to buy another bottle. I gave myself a spritz of it and I IMMEDIATELY noticed a difference. Needless to say I never bought the bottle. I was so baffled by this that starting to search on the internet and found this blog. Then I researched this some more:

    Coty has been primarily owned by the billionaire Reimann family. This past June their company went public and their stock – (ticker symbol: COTY) starting trading on the NYSE. I believe their acquisition of Philosophy brand was to help boost their value (they had also pursued Avon for acquisition but that deal fell through). According reports, this was the third largest IPO in 2013 and despite 1 billion that was raised none of it went to the operating business. Mostly all of it went straight to the company owners.
    So Coty owns the Philosophy line and they now want to increase their profits on it. How do you that? You reduce your material and manufacturing cost. So if the products seem cheaper in quality, that’s because they ARE!

    But here’s the wonderful thing about free market- it is the customer who rules the roost. COTY was arrogant in their belief that they could tinker around with the Philosophy products and we stupid loyal customers would never notice. So let us all teach COTY a lesson. Stop buying this fraud of a product that they claim is Philosophy brand.

  177. Rhonda says:

    I too am so disappointed in the change. I have used the amazing grace lotion for over 10 years. Always received comments about the scent. I have searched and searched and can not find any of the old formula. Beware there are a lot of sites that still show the bottle with the picture of the “perfumed” body lotion. But in fact what you get is the new bottle which no longer states “perfumed” body lotion. Looking for a new fragrance is difficult because I can not wear perfume because of my asthma.

  178. Carole says:

    I was going to order a large Amazing Grace body lotion today but after all the negative reviews on them changing the formula forget that idea. Why can’t they leave well enough alone. Also, I did not realize they did animal testing, so wrong in this day an age. Time to find a new company with a better scent and better ethics.

  179. becca says:

    please bring keep the peace color corrector back. it was the only product that made me feel pretty.

  180. Ruth says:

    Hi Christina…
    Hope you are well ! Always, Always loved your presentation of all things PHILOSOPHY, whenever you came on QVC.

    Also, Please tell me COTY will be bring Philosophy’ Supernatural Foundation in RICH, [which I have on as we ‘chat’], back to shelves. It is a wonderful product and I have been using it for years, purchased from QVC and Amazon.

    Miss seeing you – you were really the best at informing us ALL on Philosophy products..

    Please bring back my RICH foundation – I kid you not, it is FANTASTIC ~~

  181. Mary Williams says:

    Like all of the other commenters, I’ve been using Philosophy products and fragrances for years. I started purchasing less when I found out how you, Christina Carlino, forced Kate Somerville to change her Kate in a Jar name, since it sounded so close to your Hope In a Jar, through your affiliation with QVC. I’ve never been an Amazing Grace gal, but I do have a bit of lightly used Falling in Love, Pure Grace and Inner Grace products, all from before the sell out to Coty. I also have some of the Philosphy skin care products (large bottle of Purity and others), that are lightly used. I think the last purchase of Philosophy through QVC was last year, a kit of Unconditional Love, never used. I’ve been using other fragrances and skin care, no longer using Philosophy. I’ll be selling these to other Philosophy lovers on eBay in the next month or so (ID mbills869) since it’s not fair to have all these items sitting around unused, while other Philosopy followers would appreciate them. Sadly, I don’t think any of the fragrances will come back to their original scents, and the only comments that Christina has made is to call the Philosophy customer service. Good luck to all in finding a replacement for what you loved.

  182. paula says:

    just wanted to add another very disappointed voice to the mix – I’m so sorry to have lost my amazing grace!!!!

  183. Elle says:

    I see most of the posted complaints refer to the changes in the fragrance formulas. I agree with these comments, however I must also comment on the formula and consistency of the Micro Delivery wash.
    The exfoliating beads are virtually non existent. I just threw out a bottle, as the product did nothing to exfoliate!
    Will not be purchasing again.

  184. Therese says:

    I never used Philosophy, but I was browsing Sephora and thought I might try it.

    Boy am I glad I didn’t buy anything! I was reading comments on the different fragrances and lotions from the Sephora website. There was a sharp divide of comments trending from a couple of years ago. I was wondering why and I did a little digging.

    Which brings me here. So.

    I’m certain that it I hadn’t searched and read the reviews I would’ve purchased something from Philosophy. I’m sure that would’ve made Coty happy. The slick packaging nearly fooled me but I always check reviews. I cannot, now, purchase anything from Philosophy.

    How can I when there is so many apparently unresolved negative comments? I mean, honestly! Animal testing? Watered down products? Addition of hazardous ingredients? Changes in integrity? Outright lying to the customers? That totally doesn’t go with the cute sayings and adorable children on the bottles which *almost* had me sold. So, no thank you. I’m really not looking for a typical scent, I want a fabulous scent. For a fabulous, morally and ethically sound scent I’m willing to pay quite a bit, but it now seems Philosophy isn’t going to be the company who will sell it to me.

    I guess I’m writing this so Ms. Carlino knows that not only is Philosophy losing old, dedicated customers, the brand is also losing potential new customers. Thanks to everyone who complained, you saved me some disappointment and money! Thank you very much.

  185. Amy says:

    Ditto “Therese” of comment # 184 . I could not have said it better myself. I was a potential new customer, but decided not to buy based upon much of what you stated.

    Sorry, I really really wanted to try the Pure and Baby Grace perfumes.

  186. Kathy says:

    Thanks Ladies. I had heard so many wonderful things about Amazing Grace a few years ago. I was looking for a special gift and thought of AG but after reading this site and the same concerns on the QVC/Macy’s site I will go in a different direction. Don’t have money to waste.

  187. Michelle says:

    I am so glad to hear that I am not crazy after finding this blog. I have bee wearing Amazing Grace for the last 15 years and over the last year have not been able to figure out what was wrong with my product. I think that it smells like Elmer’s Glue. I am so sad to hear that it is actually that the product has changed. I have always loved Amazing Grace and am sad to think that I will now have to find a new scent. I wonder if Cody will listen to the consumers and change it back? Unfortunately most of us will have moved on by then….

  188. first off i’d just like to say that it is totally ALL about the almighty dollar. just ask cristina c. it’s called Greed & Selling Out…no matter who it effects (us, the consumer). there are NO words to describe it except down-right DISGUSTING! it does NOT matter how much complaining we do. they are relying on ALL the new customers who have no clue what the products used-to-be! PERIOD. the products are DIFFERENT now. so are ALL the so-called fragrances. it’s funny how a company that big (but shrinking by the moment…) thinks that NO-ONE-WILL-NOTICE. WRONG! and WRONG again, Philosophy. which by the way, they need to change the name to COTY now, NOT Philosophy. it DOES NOT DESERVE that name any-longer. do you honestly think that miss carlino herself STILL enjoys the NEW versions of EVERYTHING? think again. she KNOWS first hand what they did to this company that she sold for: THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR! right cristina? she’s gotta have like a life-time-supply of the ORIGINAL PRODUCT AND FRAGRANCES in her warehouse-closet somewhere. if you want ALL of your beloved fragrance-scents that will last into-the-next-day, check the online sites for fragrance oils with the names: Amazing Grace, Pure Grace, Baby Grace & Falling In Love. we have found a couple of sites that offer these fragrance-oils that are TRUE to their scent names. they are STRONG in concentration and will last and last on your pulse-points long into the next day. just search (don’t want to list them here) and you will find something you are HAPPY with that doesn’t squeeze every last penny from you…..GOOD LUCK!

  189. Susan says:

    I happily found Philosophy products a few years ago and loved the all the skin care products. I am allergic to most fragrances but discovered I could wear Pure Grace and Unconditional Love with no problem at all. I received so many compliments! I am a teacher and a grandmother and the children always told me I smelled so good! I’ve spent many hundreds of dollars on these products for myself and for gifts. I believe something has changed! The products do not smell good any more and the fragrance does not last more than a few moments. What has happened? I miss my old fragrances. Some of the products stink! Please change them right back the way they used to be!!! The perfumes, lotions, and body washes are a bit pricey but the products used to be worth it! Not any more. 🙁

  190. Connie says:

    Absolutely agree with everyone that said Amazing grace is no longer amazing. It’s truly alcohol and water. The body was and the lotion contain VERY LITTLE scent that also does not last. I’m taking mine back to the store and will try to find another scent that was as awesome as the original. Very bummed that this company doesn’t seem to give a crap about their loyal customers.

  191. sini says:

    I bought an Amazing Grace body emulsion during the christmas sale at Sephora from Christiana Mall, Delaware. I was very excited when I got it, and I used it for 2 days. Ever since, my body is full of rashes. And it’s painful and itchy. I’m going to sue the company for making such a horrible product and file a consumer complaint too. I want all the consumers to know about this product.

  192. Terri says:

    Amazing Grace has been my indulgence for many years …. NOT any more. Not only is the fragrance gone that I loved, it is fowl smelling. I am sooooo disappointed. Coty has made a BIG mistake reformulating what Cristina gave us all.

  193. Janet says:

    Attention: To All Philosophy Customers…….

    Let’s All STOP buying Philosophy products…Until Coty comes out and announces, that they will go back to making the “original” formulas that Cristina Carlino created!!!!!!!
    They think all is well, and have a good product… long as we all continue to buy them!

    • Anonymous says:

      I already stopped. Coty ruined my favorite perfume. I understand that sometimes when companies buy out other companies they are not sold the original formula. What I don’t understand is why they feel compelled to try and imitate it, with the same name, packaging and marketing, when it smells nothing like the original, maybe slightly, but where my Amazing Grace used to last all day, this crap barely lasts three minutes. If I didn’t know better, there is some sort of Class Action lawsuit for false advertising. Seriously. If it only costs ten dollars a bottle, I wouldn’t have been so upset, but when I’m spending $55 a bottle you can be sure I’m upset when I realize I’ve been duped into thinking it’s the same perfume that I wore for years. It isn’t.

  194. Teresa says:

    I’ve wanted to try Amazing Grace for years. It was too pricey for me to justify the cost. I’m so glad I saw these posts so I wouldn’t waste my money. So sad, same thing that happened to Tova’s products. No pride in making good products anymore, only in raking in more money.

  195. Marilyn says:

    I purchased Amazing Grace Solid Perfume because it was the only item in that line that smelled like it should. I also purchased AG Solid Deodorant which has absolutely NO fragrance at all. Why would I pay $18 for deodorant that has no scent. I am so disappointed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Same here, I purchased the Body Emulsion and it had zero perfume in it. Zero. What a waste of money. Not only are they ripping people off by lying to them, they are losing customers in the long run. They’re running that company right into the ground. Thanks Christina–for nothing. Hope you’re enjoying your retirement….

  196. Carol says:

    I have been contemplating purchasing the Philosophy line of products for a while now. I am so glad I didn’t since most of the comments about the scent are negative. I will stick with my Mary Kay products.

  197. jax's says:

    Well it just go to show that all the bs on philosophy’s cute little bottles etc was only to make one person happy in the end. I wish that she would have demanded that the formula’s remained the same.
    Oh well just another disappointment.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was told that sometimes people don’t sell the formula when they sell the company, so that later on they can market the same perfume under a different name. So you never know. But in the long run, I feel you, it’s so disappointing to be duped in this way.

  198. Julie says:

    This is false advertising to call these products by the names they are no longer. Now I hear the face products I bought have changed. I wondered why Hope in a jar burned my eyes, and no ,I don’t put it near them.
    QVC, how disappointing you have gone along with this charade. You know, because we have all told you. I have wasted my last$$$.

  199. Ann says:

    What happened to the Be Somebody body scrubs?!?!? This was an amazing product and discontinued since Coty took over. I’m with the majority here: I stopped buying Philosophy because it simply isn’t the same. Philosophy products do not standout from the competition anymore so why even bother spending the $$.

  200. Denise says:

    You have discontinued the wrong items. I have dry sensitive skin and desperately need ‘Hope in a Jar for Dry Sensitive Skin’ and the ‘Omega 369 Replenishing Oil’. I have been using these for many years. Oops, I guess I need to switch to another company!

  201. Sheila Boyer says:

    it is now Oct of 2015 and my LAST bottle of Pure grace is pure alcohol…..and the wax fragrance stick is WAX……thought it was just me, no more compliments, no more “are you wearing Philosophy?” “you smell so fresh”….nothing, my deodorant smells better. The worse are the THOUSANDS of negative reviews from loyal Phil – Amazing Grace, Pure Grace wearers…..loyal….and unhappy and not going to purchase. Take a look at Channel #5, a staple to woman because it never changes…..Shame on this owner and shame on Cody, however, the power of the consumer is ENORMOUS….someone smart in the industry will re-create the scents with QUALITY and be rewarded by LOYAL customers….. why would you want this reputation? Why would you take an obvious awesome coveted product and change it – know that LOYAL people notice it and not care. I used to get compliments and had so many wearing both AG and PG, now people ask me “how come you do not wear that scent any more”? I do love Channel #4, smells heavenly on me, it is worth the price to know that they will not sacrifice quality for longevity is key in business.

  202. Nancy says:

    I emailed philosophy asking why they changed Amazing Grace, and they just emailed back denying it. I don’t think they really understand how finding the right fragrance transforms a woman’s being, BUT then to insult me and blatantly lie is infuriating. I am on the hunt for a knock-off that closely matches MY AMAZING GRACE. Stop lying to your customers, Philosophy.

  203. Inner Grace, your best smelling perfume, soft sexy, and now gone, it always happens, bring it back and bring it back to the original fragrance it always was, what a shame!!!!

  204. Beverly Peters says:

    I returned my recent purchase of Amazing Grace and will purchase NOTHING from Philosophy again. The scent and quality have greatly changed. What a shame, buyers beware!!!!

  205. Kathi C. says:

    For years I’ve been a regular wearer of Amazing Grace, no other fragrance. I ran out and recently purchased a new bottle – noticed it’s wonderful same scent when I put it on, but after that initial application – NO SCENT. Zip, nada, couldn’t smell ANYTHING on me at all. What a waste of my money. Now I see from other women they are experiencing the same thing. I won’t be purchasing any more philosophy products unless things revert back to the way they were. Which sounds unlikely given their new relationship with Coty. What a complete disappointment.

  206. Donita Helling says:

    I have been using Pure grace since 2009 on auto-delivery. I have noticed the last 2 years product just not the same. Not as rich and fragrance just does not last. I use to have people even strangers come up to me and tell me how good I smelled. I would eagerly tell them it was Philosophy Pure Grace. I have not had one single person in year and half say anything about smelling good. Even after spraying on Pure Grace now, my husband has asked if I’m not using my perfume anymore. I did the layering, the bath wash which I can barely smell while using it in shower or tub, plus it’s drying. Today I cancelled my auto-deliveries and will look else where. I never minded paying the higher price because it was long lasting, but I consider this product now to be no better than a $3.00 bath wash on Wal-Mart shelves.

  207. I have used Philosophy facial skin care products for years. I was satisfied with the results and was happy to be buying from a “small” company who put so much love and concern in their products. Well evidently I’m a little late hearing the news that Philosophy’s part owner, Cristina had managed to buy her portion of the company out of bankruptcy and leave some of the innovators of these products high and dry: (unpaid in a big way) and then sold her portion to the cheap “drugstore” cologne / cosmeceutical company “Coty.” How do we know we are getting what the Philosophy developers intended us to get.
    Was it always about the money? Is it about the money now and Coty is changing formulations. I understand many, many people are complaining about the quality of the “Grace” collections. QVC should dump this product, because to me, it is all a lie now.

  208. Niki Depperschmidt says:

    I have been using Pure Grace as “my signature scent” for 12 years. I am saddened that it is no longer the scent the scent I fell in love with. I do hope they listen to their customers and re-evaluate the current formula and get closer to the “old scents”. I just spent my last $$ on philosophy. I’m now on the search for another scent that doesn’t smell cheap and alcohol-like, like the latest version that they try to pass off as philosophy does.

  209. Sonja Matthews says:

    Add my voice to all these… lover amazing grace for years,bought all the shower gel lotions,they smelled amazing….sorry couldn’t help it. Strangers,coworkers would ask what it was,tell me how good I smelled…and I think you know where this is going! It changed. Not for better,but for far far worse. At first I was befuddled. Then I was angry. I refuse to buy literally nothing,because that’s how it smells now. It’s insulting to my intelligence to say it’s the same.I will no longer buy anything from this company. I will not tell friends and family about it. I appreciate the reference to chanel number 5. I feel sad though because I truly miss my signature scent. …

  210. Lisa whiting says:

    Amazing Grace WAS my scent…. So broken hearted! It does smell different and does not last at all! Please bring it back to its former glory! You will have me back if you do, but for now I am gone!

  211. Bella says:

    YOU SUCK Carlino & Coty……..nothing but GREED. Shit on the customers who made all that money for you. You would be zero without your customers…..& I am quite certain, Philosophy fragrance sales have gone downhill. Which is why they are peddled on QVC & “other” outlets. Coty has made Amazing Grace 80% ALCOHOL. First ingredient. But they lie & say nothing has changed. A-holes.

  212. Wow” Unbelievable, now I see why I stopped buying my philosophy products… I started years ago wearing there very first sent called philosophy, have been hoping for years that they would bring that one back… Started wearing inner Grace which I love love & they stopped making that one also, pure grace has always been my anytime of year sent, but it just doesn’t stay on, you had to constantly reapply it… with that being said, I gave all my philosophys away… To bad” because I spent a lot of monies on being a philosophy girl

  213. Karen says:

    Nice to see that I am not the only one disappointed in the current quality of Philosophy. Now that Coty has changed the formulas, they charge just as much for inferior quality. I need to find something else made by a company that actually cares about it’s customers. Sorry Philosophy but I gave it a shot for years and you let me down…

  214. Nancy says:

    If there’s anyone out there that knows of a company that can duplicate Amazing Grace (and its staying power), can you PLEASE let me know? I am truly exhausted and heartbroken that Cristina/Philosophy/Coty have TOTAL disregard for us. To be honest, not having my Amazing Grace has sent my life into a tailspin, and it’s become deeply personal to me that they just don’t care about us. QVC also has played a major role in this cover-up. I keep waiting for a caller to bring it up on the air just to hear Philosophy’s answer, but, of course, QVC isn’t going to allow that.

  215. andrea Jarrette-Kenny says:

    I echo everyone else. I feel cheated, lied to, depressed and conned. I’ve called QVC, and philosophy. I’ve written to the philosophy reps on QVC. They all deny that there is a change. I wore AG for 14 years. Now, it’s grotesque. All the things Cristina Carlino preached about and was so passionate about makes me feel like the chump because she will not answer us. Everything about the brand has gone from genius to completely unremarkable. I used to get stopped an average of once an hour by strangers saying how delicious I smelled. Now? No comments. No love from anyone. Why not go back to the drawing board and come up with your new A.G., P.G. and F.I.L. You’ll be worshipped and adored, Cristina. Trust me.

  216. andrea Jarrette-Kenny says:

    Can anyone recommend a beautiful fragrance along the line of A.G.?

  217. Kona Rose says:

    I am happy you found a buyer for Philosophy that you love and giggle with, but I don’t give a rip about her line of shoes. What I care about is what on earth did they do to the ingredients or recipe for Pure Grace? I used to not care about how much this one luxurious product cost me. It was my one and only body care indulgence, even foregoing haircuts, manis and pedis because I am disabled and cannot get out. I loved receiving this product in the mail. It brought me happiness each time I showered and sprayed. You sold out. You sold out your customers. I hope you’re still happy with your BFF but so many of your “loyal” customers are fleeing elsewhere. Money rules once again.